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Behind The Comedy: Sit-down with King Tito & Dirty Dell (The FG Camp Show)



Today we sit down with rising comedians and “The FG Camp Show” Creators, to discuss some things in-depth & the culmination of their brands successful growth. Many fans have some unanswered questions and curiosity…let’s dive into some topics

1.) Q: When was your guys first comedy show?

A: “Our first comedy show was in October, 2018”

2.) Q: What’s the most memorable moment this year, so far?

A: “Definitely, the night we did a show with rapper TI & comedian/creative “Black Jesus” a.k.a. Slink Johnson”

3.) Q: What inspired you both to do comedy?

A: Dirty Dell wanted to make people laugh during these bad times. King Tito says, “Dirty Dell inspired me to do comedy on some real brother shit, he put me in a position where I had to realize there’s always a way up”…

4.) Q: What goals do you both want to complete before next year?

A: “To host our own comedy show and collaborate with more inspiring people”

5.) Q: Craziest thing you’ve seen in a comedy setting?

A: “Dirty Dell seen a girl queef on the mic, then I had to go on right after her.. The things people do to to make you laugh or think are funny in their head”

6.) Q: When Did You Guys Start “The FG Camp Show?”

A: The FG camp has been up and running for 10 years, but the “FG camp show” has been up since 2020

Thank you guys again for answering these questions for the fans, we wish utmost success and continued growth for the FG Camp Team and YouTube show. Make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel and stay tuned for their upcoming projects!

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