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Behind The Music: Interview with “The Companies



Today we sit down with new wave/indie band “The Companies”, who’ve been gaining attention lately with several tracks off their latest project.

We wanted to get an in-depth convo with the Inland Empire band, about the passion that drives the sound and what’s in store for the future…

1.) Q: What’s you most memorable this year?

A: This year hasn’t been a stellar one, lost my brother suddenly as well as my aunt and other band members lost family members to… Life

2.) Q: What goals would you guys like to accomplish before the year is up?

A: We would love to get back in the studio and start our next LP, we have all the material just waiting for our turn.

3.) Q: Any upcoming music or projects? That you can speak on…

A: Yes, we’re working on booking a tour this next coming year hopefully get out on the road and put ourselves out there.. coming to a dive near you

4.) If you could collaborate with any artist/band, who would that be?

A: That’s an interesting question, But if we had to pick it would be a band like Radiohead. We love all the textures and movement of their sound just incredibly talented musicians and true artists. They are the true masters of taking the listener on a journey.

5.) Q: With the success of your recent track’s like “Loss Of You”, which has surpassed 100K streams and 100K YouTube views; do you plan on following up with more visuals?

A: Yes definitely! We had so much fun producing our last 2 videos with the help of friend Sean Sweetman. We already have great ideas for which song our next single would be and definitely want to continue the next chapter with our art.

Thank you for your honesty and transparency about everything, we can’t wait to hear what’s next!

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