Best Kept Secret, being an astonishing management company has a project including a lot of producers from their own roster as well as a few iconic artists being released under the independent company. 

90% of the producers under BKS management are sample makers. With that being said, BKS is developing a major co-pub deal with one of their developing artists, keeping 100% ownership of his masters with the world’s largest publishing company. 

BKS workplace is composed of very pure, positive and honest energy. “We all have each others back running off of a family mentality. If someone’s energy isn’t on point, they won’t last long with BKS. We are very passionate about success and genuine vibes.” (CEO of BKS) 

In order to grow quickly and efficiently, BKS believes you have to work smart by making sure every player on the team is positioned properly to be the most effective. They encourage everyone to follow their dreams and believe in themselves.

At a young age the CEO learned that its who you know, not what you know. He focused on that very strongly and networked as best he could and as often as he can. “It’s about loading up with resources so when the time comes you are able to utilize them. Build a strong support system so you have people you can rely and depend on.” 

It takes a great deal of understanding, patience and balance. You don’t have to focus on a million beats a day, more like 10-15. You have to take time to take care of your mental by going on walks or just doing things that make you feel better. You have to stay tunnel vision at all times with a clear yet focused mind. 

With all the economical and strategic business strategies put in place, it will be easy for BKS to add more accolades to their household name in the coming days. The multi-platinum management company has huge plans for 2022 and they intend on keeping strict tunnel vision for future endeavors. With new projects in development, incredible unreleased music including top talent of today, our ears are in for a real treat!

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