It’s been more than a decade since the release of what would become an international bestseller, The Power of the Eternal Now, and Jeremy Lopez is now considered one of the leading spiritual teachers of our time. He followed the success by releasing bestsellers The Universe is at Your Command and Creating with Your Thoughts and, to date, has authored more than one hundred books. If books sales and rave reviews are any indication, readers and fans throughout the world clamor in anticipation of his book releases. As an avid writer and one of the most in-demand speakers and teachers of the spiritual community, Lopez shows no signs of stopping. In fact, his most recent power move may be his best offering to the world yet.

In a world still struggling to come to terms with and compartmentalize the chaos of the recent years, the messages of the man many affectionately refer to as “Dr. J” seem more needed than ever. From offering practical advice on meditation to sharing the insider secrets for success he shares with his celebrity clientele Lopez has become much more than just a successful life coach or a spiritual teacher – he’s quickly become a brand. With endorsements from other popular bestselling authors and some of the most powerful names in the coaching industry, Lopez is riding high on waves of successes and now finds himself among the most-requested, most in-demand teachers and speakers working today. But now, in a highly-anticipated move, Jeremy Lopez is inviting clients and fans to subscribe to his personal monthly book club – a subscription-based program in which subscribers receive a new book each month.

Initially unveiled in the spring of 2019, the book club, appropriately termed “Hot Off the Press,” has more than tripled in size in the wake of the global pandemic as seekers throughout the world turn to spirituality to find comfort and messages of hope. Shockingly, even at the height of the global pandemic, while even many of the major publishing firms struggled to send product to their distributors and retailers, Lopez enjoyed the success of a growing subscriber list, reaching new audiences with his powerful messages and ideas. In the words of one subscriber, “It’s the breath of fresh air I need every month. For me, it really is like Christmas each month,” she laughed. Thousands seem to agree.

But what are some of the advantages of being part of the club? Well, for starters, subscribers are treated to bestselling books before the general, global releases are made available to the general public. And subscribers also receive additional materials in the forms of study guides and training manuals that accompany the monthly release. And, of course, subscribers receive autographed copies of each release with personal, hand-written notes from Lopez. And the very best perk of all? The discounted rates. Subscribers receive monthly books at a lowered price not available through mainstream retailers. To join one of the hottest clubs in the publishing industry and to activate your club membership today, visit