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Bestselling Author Nikki Green Discusses How to Empower the Next Generation of Leaders



Empowering the next generation of leaders to feel confident about themselves and bring their fresh and unique perspectives to the table is best-selling author Nikki Green’s greatest passion. She teaches young people how to face down their fears and go after their dreams and reach their fullest potential. In fact, Nikki’s five philosophies for change are to C.R.E.A.T.E. the life one desires, and those steps are the highlights in her newest book, ‘Chameleon Mindset’. We sat down with Nikki recently to talk about why she wants to shape how the next generation of business leaders remains unique and true to themselves and turns that uniqueness into an advantage.

Why did you choose ‘Chameleon Mindset’ as the title of your new book?

I love animals and visiting zoos when I travel and learning new facts about them. When I learned about the unique nature of how and why chameleons change their skin color, I knew I was on to something that humans could also embody. Like many people, I thought they changed color to hide and blend in with their surroundings. When in fact, it’s the Law of Attraction, showcasing to the world around them the things they want in life.

What is creative Adaptability and how important is it to you?

Creative Adaptability is leveraging your unique experiences to solve problems in new ways. It
has three pillars of flexibility, Cognitive, Behavioral, and Emotional. When people combine skills and knowledge from seemingly unrelated aspects of their life to invent new ways of accomplishing things, a new future will emerge. Working with many incredible neurodivergent thinkers during my time in Silicon Valley, I saw the power of re-imaging solutions to build the fantastic Knowledge Economy we have today.

One of the things you talk about is empowerment. How do you help people to empower themselves? Do you find it easier to teach those just entering the workforce or those who have been working for several years?

When I first became a manager at 26, most of my employees were older than me, and I had to learn to motivate people with much more experience than me. As I aged, my employees became younger, and again I had to adapt and learn what inspired them to do great work and push them to achieve their goals. It has been a joy to work with people of all ages, find the right motivation for everyone, and showcase my Chameleon Mindset as I teach others.

If money was no object, how would you change your business and how you work? Would you work less, or more since you would have fewer financial restrictions?

A money mindset is an essential aspect of my coaching. How we feel towards money affects more than our ability to pay the bills. I love my business and make sure that the way I earn money allows me to do the things I enjoy simultaneously. I love to travel and meet new people, so going to in-person events, speaking on stage, and hearing stories from those I’ve helped gives me more pleasure than any financial gain from my business. And I’m thankful I can get out there every day and positively impact others.

Why did you decide to write another book?

Many teachers told me I was not a good writer when I was in school. I couldn’t follow all the grammatical rules, and after learning four languages, I usually could not keep them straight! The number one comment I got after writing my first book, I Laugh in the Face of Danger, was that people loved my writing style. They said they felt like they were sitting down with a friend, enjoying a glass of wine, and sharing stories. The very thing my teachers told me was the flaw in my writing style was the thing that so many others enjoyed. I knew I loved the creative writing process and had many more amazing stories and lessons to share.



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