There comes a time in life when a person faces ups and downs. Some people take unexpected turns and twists against one’s favor. Tragedy comes in different forms. For Atiba Clarke, this challenging phase came in life at birth. He is a famous Brooklyn-based author who has been suffering from a health condition from birth. But, Atiba rose above all the challenges in the way of his aims. He worked hard to make his dreams a reality. Finally, he succeeded in achieving his life-long objectives of meeting his favorite star Beyonce.

About Atiba Clarke

Fighting with a disability is a challenging thing. It is not easy for most people, but some people who are born with exceptional tolerance can handle these problems. Atiba Clarke has been suffering from a severe ailment. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a baby. At the age of just 20 years, he had undergone sixteen surgeries and was limited to the wheelchair, but he never let this disability get him down.

About Atiba’s book

In his book, Atiba has shared his experience with the world with the hope that would spark encouragement and inspiration. In his book, the author motivates people to accept losses and failure and overcome weaknesses without any issue. If you want to be successful, you need to be determined and consistent with your goal. No single failure can be the reason for your life loss. You can come up with all these things by pushing them behind.  

The book had another additional objective. It was the way to access Atiba’s favorite performer and artist, Beyoncé. He arranged to meet up with the celebrity artist. He reached out to an independent coach, Steve Rutherford, who suggested that Clark share his tenacity and wisdom by writing down his life story. So, last summer, he launched his book “Unexpected Words from a Gifted Angel” with the hope that his story will attract Beyonce’s attention. The book came out in 2013 and I actually got to meet her that same year . I got to meet her two months before release day

How to access Clarke?

It is not a big deal today because the author is available on Instagram for his followers and fans. You can buy his book on Amazon, too, on the following links.