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Beyoncé Speaks On K.Umēh’s New Single “Humble Pie”



K.Umēh aka Kenny Obinna Umeh has released “Humble Pie”. Humble Pie is a melodic rap record that gives an underlying message that this artist is an extremely humble individual. Humble Pie touches on K.Umēh’s story, freedom, & growing up in Elk Grove, California, the city he was raised in. This is an uplifting song to remind us about treating others with respect, and remembering who we are in this world.

The emotion of this song is upbeat, with the feeling of boldness and grounding. K.Umēh features Beyoncé on the record. At the end of the song Beyoncé speaks about being proud of being who you are to provide value to yourself and others. Focusing on your goals to create fuel to heal your future, forgetting fear in your own unique way, and believing in your dreams to achieve your purpose in life. 

One Voice Applied Music, also known as OVA Music is an international multinational music company owned by the parent conglomerate Obinna Systems Inc. One Voice Applied Music is owned by CEO Kenny Obinna Umeh aka K.Umēh. K.Umēh is a well-respected international artist working between Nigeria, the United States, and the U.K. He works in hip hop, rap, and pop. He is able to create original luxury content, having direction on his creativity and ideas, and innovating information that nobody has witnessed on earth. His writing abilities are useful to the music industry, as he is creating tools to better the world’s mental, spiritual and emotional health through sound.

K.Umēh is a walking bag of Charisma, equipped with natural leadership qualities, and an infectious attitude. This man is TALENTED, well rounded and a complete achiever in anything he puts his mind to, his new generational sound never ceases not knowing what to expect in spite of his endless potential. 

Obinna is more than an artist, he is a sound. When he is asked whether he raps, sings, or plays an instrument, he replies with “ I AM A FREQUENCY” 

K.Umēh is producing messages like this to create an uprising to heal our next generation through sound. His lyrics and melodies are combined to create a unique sound of love.

His unique concepts touch on astrology, Greek Mythology, The Bible, elements of the world, Egyptian Gods, the universe, love, AI, technology,  and the story of his spiritual aspect of becoming a rap artist while undergoing a countless amount of adversity through a number of fields. He calls it, “God’s Perspective Through Sound”. Talented in bringing informative lyrics in his rap music to the core, Obinna is the prodigy of the music industry. His music connects to audiences on a deeper level, and the power of his lyrics and concepts are impeccable. 

Being a complete achiever, K.Umēh still feels he has so much left to do. Obinna is the future of sound and Is set to collaborate with independent artists and designers globally. He believes he will take the next generation closer to the spirit of technology, the understanding of our minds through artificial intelligence and change lives by healing through his eccentric creativity. A part of his creative concepts are displayed in his upcoming album releasing in 2023 “Sons Of God 2”.

When viewing the record, be sure to zoom into the cover to understand the meaning. A style that K.Umēh is introducing to his musical cover arts. On the cover, K.Umēh expresses the definition of humble and also provides numbers that explain a system of communication. This system will be introduced later in his career. The specific numbers that are shown on the cover of “Humble Pie” communicate positivity, motivation and a new understanding of vision.

Follow K.Umēh on his instagram, & twitter below to make sure that you are updated on One Voice Applied Music’s latest releases for this year. This man is changing the frequency of the music industry.

K.Umēh | One Voice Applied  @kennyobinnaumeh | @k.umeh | @i1.ova | @onevoiceapplied


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