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Beyoncé’s Perfume Collection Gets a New Star: Cé Noir



Beyoncé Launches New Fragrance Cé Noir

Beyoncé, the global superstar and fashion icon, has recently introduced her latest creation in the world of scent, Cé Noir. The announcement comes as an exciting addition to her brand following the success of her previous fragrances and her “Renaissance World Tour.”

A Sneak Peek at the Design and Inspiration

The newly revealed Cé Noir boasts a sleek design that captures the essence of Beyoncé’s artistic vision. A mirrored bottle with a sophisticated half-domed cap and stair-like edges encapsulates the fragrance. Its engraving is subtle yet impactful, displaying the name Cé Noir, which alludes to the perfume’s French crafting and monolithic aesthetic. Beyoncé’s aim for intimacy and personal touch is embodied in the design, set to adorn vanities with its built-in stand feature.

The Essence of Cé Noir

Cé Noir is described as a harmonious blend of floral and gourmand aromas. Its olfactory profile features top notes of vibrant clementine and sweet golden honey, which transition into a heart of luxurious rose absolute and jasmine sambac. The scent’s foundation rests on warm undertones of Namibian myrrh and golden amber, presenting a rich and inviting fragrance experience.

Beyoncé’s Fragrance Journey

The perfume, which is exclusively available on, marks a new chapter in Beyoncé’s fragrance portfolio. Fans might recall her first scent, Heat, and its successor, Heat Rush. Cé Noir is expected to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors, offering both fans and fragrance enthusiasts a new signature scent to embrace.

Renaissance Tour and Fragrance Teasers

The anticipation for Cé Noir has been building since Beyoncé was seen using a prototype on her Renaissance World Tour. Furthermore, attendees of her concerts in cities like Inglewood and Tampa Bay had the opportunity to experience the fragrance firsthand, creating buzz ahead of its official launch.

Additional Beauty Ventures

The announcement of Cé Noir follows Beyoncé’s teaser of an upcoming hair care line, suggesting a broader expansion into the beauty industry. With a social media post hinting at her work on this new venture, fans are eagerly waiting for more details to emerge.

Preorder and Availability

Preorders for Cé Noir are timed perfectly for the holiday season, with shipments set to start in November. This strategic timing, along with the allure of Beyoncé’s brand, is poised to make the perfume a sought-after gift.

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