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Biker Wallets and Their Most Prominent Designs



It is hard to imagine a biker without jewelry and accessories. While the former plays a purely aesthetic role (although the symbolism of motorcycle clubs incorporated on rings lets distinguish one of your own from others), the latter makes road adventures securer and more convenient. Take biker wallets, for example. Not only are they unique but also roomy enough to organize all the essentials. At the same time, wallets are often paired with chains to keep these essentials in the right place at all times.

A classic genuine leather biker wallet has a tri-fold design and the following compartments:

– for bills;

– slots for credit and business cards;

– a small pocket for coins featuring a clasp.

Tri-fold wallets are must-haves for motorcycles due to their compact dimensions. They are designed to be put in jeans pockets hence their handy sizes. At the same time, it is not recommended to put many bills in these models since they are prone to skewing. Almost every biker tri-fold wallet features a hole complete with a metal grommet for a chain attachment. One side of a chain is attached to a belt and the other to a wallet via the said grommet.

Some biker wallets come with a versatile stainless steel chain, but more often than not, you have to find a chain that meets your requirements. This is not a bad thing because wallet chains are available in so many cool designs and materials including, besides the already mentioned stainless steel, 925 sterling silver, brass, leather, and all these materials in various combinations.

Other Types of Biker Wallets

While tri-fold models are hands down the most popular option, they are not a ‘fit all’ solution. The truth is that many motorcyclists simply don’t want to sit on their wallets while riding. A bulging in the bum area caused by a wallet may pinch the sciatic nerve on top of making the spine take an unnatural position. All this may entail serious pain in the hip, back, and legs. Bikers, despite their tough demeanor, are not enemies to their health, so, naturally, many of them look for ‘healthier options’.

Bi-fold wallets are a great alternative to tri-folds. They have two foldable panels, hence the name. While they can’t boast miniature dimensions, they are much slimmer than their tri-fold counterparts. Besides, they have more room for your essentials, and paper bills simply look better due to only one fold.

Bi-folds are available in two options: horizontal and vertical.

  • Vertical bi-fold wallets are slightly longer than horizontal ones but a tad narrower. Such a wallet can be worn only on a belt or in the inner pocket of a jacket. It is simply too large for jeans pockets.
  • Horizontal bi-fold wallets are smaller but thicker. Such a wallet can be rocked not only on the belt but also in a pocket.

In addition to the said modes, motorcycles often use breast wallets designed to carry a lot of items at once. Due to numerous pockets, compartments, and slots, they are rather long, and a bi-fold design makes them kind of bulky. Still, their ability to accommodate must-have items offsets these shortcomings. Breast wallets are carried in a jacket pocket. They are a great solution for long-distance rides and international motorcycle tours.

Money Clip wallets are another practical solution to organizing and safeguarding money. This option is the slimmest compared to all other mentioned designs. As its name suggests, it features a money clip for quick and easy access to cash. Along with that, these wallets provide credit and ID card slots. If you never use paper bills, you can detach a money clip from card compartments and get a super thin and convenient wallet.

How to Choose a Wallet Size

The standard credit card has dimensions of 54×86 mm, while a business card is 50×90 mm. To make sure your wallet can accommodate both types of cards, it has to provide the dimensions of 54×90 mm at a minimum. Additionally, you should consider the height of the banknotes. You probably know the width and length of your national currency; however, if you’re embarking on an international motorcycle trip, it makes sense to learn the dimensions of banknotes of the countries you’re going to visit.

Finally, before you purchase a biker wallet, you need to decide how you’re going to carry it around. If you have enough space in your bag or pouch, then literally every wallet will do. This is a matter of your preferences. However, if you have only jeans pockets, your options are either tri-folds or two-folds that are on a smaller side. We suggest that you measure pockets in your go-to jeans to ensure they are able to accommodate your money accessory.


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