Bill Maher, the well-known host of HBO’s Real Time, has decided to end his more than two-decade-long relationship with Creative Artists Agency (CAA). This decision came in the wake of Maher not receiving an invitation to an exclusive Oscar party hosted by CAA CEO Bryan Lourd. The event, which took place on Saturday night at Lourd’s residence, saw attendance from a slew of high-profile names and industry luminaries, sparking Maher’s frustration over the perceived snub.

According to sources, Maher’s reaction to being left out of the guest list for Lourd’s private party led to his abrupt termination of CAA’s representation. The agency had represented Maher for over twenty years, playing a pivotal role in negotiating deals and extensions for his HBO show, among other engagements. The party in question attracted a range of celebrities and industry executives, highlighting its significance within Hollywood’s social and professional circles.

The Implications of Maher’s Decision

The fallout from the Oscar party snub represents more than just a change in representation for Maher; it underscores the intricate dynamics of relationships within Hollywood’s elite. Maher’s decision to leave CAA came shortly after the agency secured a two-year extension for Real Time with Bill Maher, ensuring the show’s continuation through its 24th season in 2026. This move not only signifies Maher’s dissatisfaction with the agency’s handling of social courtesies but also raises questions about the impact of such incidents on long-standing professional partnerships.

CAA has not commented on Maher’s departure, nor has there been an immediate response from Maher’s representatives regarding the situation. This development adds another layer to the competitive nature of talent representation in Hollywood, where agencies vie for the loyalty of top-tier clients amid a backdrop of high-stakes social networking events. Maher’s choice to sever ties with CAA over an Oscar party invite highlights the value placed on recognition and inclusion within the industry’s inner circles.