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Billionaires Row Founder & Owner William Benson – Taking the Company to New Heights



Billionaires Row, founded by William Benson, is a luxury brand unlike any other. The brands focus is on making luxury goods for the customer to be fully surrounded by luxury in every part of their day. They strive to make the best of the best in all areas they create products in, and have achieved that goal, thus far. Their hallmark product, champagne, has put them on the map for many celebrities and the influential, affluent clientele they are targeting.

Their champagne is incredibly well crafted and many layers of specialty went into the bottle on the top shelf, and it shows in their reputation. Benson has recently become the first American to have his name on a champagne brand approved by the prestigious Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne in France. This huge accomplishment is yet another testimony that Benson is on the right path.

Benson left college to pursue his dream to be an entrepreneur and has clearly made the right choice as his brand grows in revenue and brand recognition every single day. Getting the idea for the brand when he was in the banking investment industry and took notice of how every important dinner meeting or celebration was focused around alcohol. This led him to wanting to create the ultimate luxury brand for people to celebrate with every single day.

As a young, black business man, Benson prides himself on the work he has accomplished. The brand is not only recognizable for champagne, but they have a very popular top shelf cognac,a collection in a partnership with MHW Ltd., this past holiday season, Champagne Billionaires Row William L Benson Premier Cru, Cuvée Billionaires Row Brut and Cuvée Billionaires Row Rarissime, Rosé were available worldwide, as well as alkaline water and fragrances which will be released in 2021. Benson chose to start with alcohol because “ alcohol because it makes you feel opulent. Spirits (another word for alcohol) have been used throughout history as a means to fellowship and reward,” he said. To establish the meaning of the brand he wanted to make sure customers were connecting over the luxury product.

One of the pillars of the brand’s identity is connectivity. Benson is a philanthropist and likes to bring the brightest minds in the world together to work on and talk about important current issues. This started with meetings with fellow entrepreneurs early in his career and has spread to hosting a charity dinner for Presidential Candidate Brock Pierce.

Since the beginning of the brand, it has done nothing but grow. From these bright- minded meetings, to social media spreading awareness, the brand is seen as a picture of luxury. Spotted being enjoyed by Kendall Jenner, Amber Heard, Mark Zuckerberg, and many more. The champagne and cognac are also only served and sold in Reserve Bar, an exclusive luxury bar.

Benson is in partnership with Patrick Ducant, who is president of Billionaires Row. Ducant helped form revolutionary partnerships and made the uber successful MHW partnership happen. But it doesn’t stop there. A partnership with Brian Rosen, the CEO of BevStra, has made the company more profitable than ever. With a resume containing clients such as 7-11 and Target’s shelf sets, BevStrat provides Billionaires Row with the firepower that is vital for propelling a liquor company forward. The endorsement is largely mutual. As Brian Rosen put it, “betting in the Billionaires Row brand is like betting on Jordan.”

With many new products and partnerships to come and glamorous launch parties to accompany them, they only expect the company to gain even more traction and recognition. Between Benson and Ducant, the possibilities are endless.

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