The Weeknd took part on a collaboration with Blue Bottle Coffee, introducing the Samra Origins Collection, a project that pays homage to Ethiopian coffee traditions. This partnership highlights the singer’s deep connection to his Ethiopian heritage, particularly the traditional coffee ceremony known as Buna Tetu, which he fondly recalls from his childhood. Through Samra Origins, The Weeknd aims to share a piece of Ethiopian culture with the world, blending his passion for music and coffee.

The Weeknd’s memories of family gatherings and the aroma of roasting coffee serve as the inspiration behind the Samra Origins venture. He expressed how these experiences instilled in him a profound sense of home and belonging, driving him to develop a project that not only celebrates Ethiopian coffee culture but also supports communities in need. The collaboration with Blue Bottle Coffee is a testament to this vision, aiming to ignite curiosity about Ethiopia’s rich heritage and encourage charitable contributions to Ethiopian aid efforts.

Supporting Communities Through Coffee

As part of the partnership between Samra Origins and Blue Bottle Coffee, a commitment has been made to support the XO Humanitarian Fund, managed by World Food Program USA. This initiative focuses on addressing food insecurity worldwide, with a special emphasis on providing aid to Ethiopia. The collaboration signifies a meaningful step towards leveraging cultural projects for philanthropic purposes, ensuring that the celebration of heritage also contributes to vital humanitarian efforts.

The Samra Origins Collection features two distinct coffee offerings: Blend Vol. One, a blend with notes of raspberry, toffee, and citrus blossom, and craft instant coffee single serve packets. These products are designed to introduce consumers to the unique flavors of Ethiopian coffee while supporting the broader goal of aiding communities facing food insecurity. Available for purchase through Blue Bottle Coffee, the Samra Origins line embodies The Weeknd’s commitment to his roots and his desire to make a positive impact on the world.