Bolo3x from North Philadelphia has been working on himself as a person for a long time. He came to realize music was his calling. Making music has helped him grow more personally and professionally. While dabbling into music Bolo3k was born. Bolo3k has gained some attention and accomplished some goals.

This artist started music as his career 2 and a half years ago. He has since then become very serious and motivated on making more moves towards his music. His fan base has been growing and he has a new single out now on all platforms called Kesha Son part 2. His songs speak on real life situations and his new single is one for the books for sure! Bolo3k has his own sound that I can describe as raw, soulful and creative. 

Take this artist seriously because he takes his craft very seriously. Bolo3k’s piece of advice for anyone pursuing music is, “Keep going and don’t give up” and that’s all this artist has done. He has kept going and he has not given up; he gets closer and closer to achieving his dreams with hard work, never stopping and never giving up. He does really well with his music and Bolo3k definitely takes pride in all his work. He always loved music and working hard. His musical influence is Gucci Mane because he speaks about the streets. If you know Gucci you know his music and the realness in his lyrics which gave that real raw feel to Bolo3k’s sound. His music is nothing but real, raw and inspiring to listen to. 

Check this artist out now. You can listen to his music on all platforms and you can follow him on Instagram.

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