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Bonni3 Has Leaped Into The Entrepreneur Rabbit Hole And Has Not Looked Back



Are you a struggling entrepreneur who doesn’t know where to start? Bonni3 has broken it down into her latest EBook to help young go getters strive for excellence and stay far from the street life! 

Getting to know Bonni3

Gabriel Comfort is a young entrepreneur mainly known by her music as Bonni3, But now is being highly notable due to her other successes. Recently she has just released an EBook titled “Christian Nicole Promotions-Creating A Brand” which can now be purchased on Amazon. This guide was created by her to solely help starting and struggling entrepreneurs from all over. 

Gabriel Comfort has been seeing much success herself over the years with her released music album “Bonni3 No Clyde”, EBook and her growing business with the Christian Nicole brand, but it wasn’t always that easy. Bonni3 had a hard time in the beginning really putting her passion into something that could bring her revenue. She knew music was a hard area to make a lot of money off of immediately which is how Christian Nicole Promotions even came about. She really broke down what artists such as herself needed and found a way to deliver to her clients and push her brand at the same time. 

All in all she wants all entrepreneurs to continue to strive for success since it is highly obtainable. In her book she claims “It’s not something that just happens overnight, you have to work on it everyday”. Growth takes time and she makes it seem so relaxing and less intimidating when she speaks on entrepreneurship and her life mission. You can find her book Christian Nicole Promotions-Creating A Brand this weekend on Amazon. Bonni3 will be offering a course on the teaching app Teachable this year and will be breaking down the pros and cons of becoming an entrepreneur. She will also be breaking down how you can start with $0 startup.

Bonni3 and her musical career

Gabriel “Bonni3” Comfort is not only a very successful entrepreneur. Her musical career has been taking off as well. Right now Bonni3 is marketing a few of her current releases including “Madrid”, “Real Ones” and “A Hunnid”. She recently released her video for “Real Ones” just a few weeks ago you can check out now on youtube. You can also find her album Bonni3 No Clyde on all major platforms along with all of her Music videos on YouTube. 

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