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Boston Native Jemaurie Introduces Clothes of Crescent



Clothes of Crescent’s main goal is to develop motivation for others to just try and pursue their dreams and see what they can make of it. Most of the time people doubt themselves and don’t give it a try and he wants to try and bring awareness to that by showing what he accomplished with his brand over the short time since he has begun. Jemaurie Beneche is from Boston, Massachusetts and he started his clothing brand he calls Clothes of Crescent and he launched his project in early July of 2022. He has already scored himself some crazy ideas & collaborations such as his own mobile game app, a Hot Topic x Attack on Titan collaboration, and is also hinting at a collab with music artist TheHxliday. Jemaurie Beneche always had a thing for streetwear brands since the 10th grade and since then he has been doing his research into the world of starting up a brand. He has gained massive attraction to his online clothing shop with his Instagram social reaching over 30k followers. He also plans to start a small music label as well since he started managing music artist SkyRohket. Soon Boston native will be opening a physical location for his weeklong pop up shop in the heart of Boston on busy Boylston Street. He will be offering his signature clothing for sale, custom clothing, music artist’s appearances, free snacks & drinks, and also shooting a small documentary. Stay tuned into the latest on his Instagram account @clothesofcrescent

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