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Branddom Hidalgo’s New Sales Novel Will Create a Billionaire Mindset for Sales Professionals



What was your inspiration for writing the book?

My career path began when I became aware of the life signals towards a career in the public eye. Emotions and events throughout my life enabled me to recognize my potential and the knowledge I had gained from years of hard work in sales and other business sectors. The loss of family members prompted me to embrace time and opportunity, as well as have the courage to  believe in myself  which is just right to share the knowledge and motivate and help others.

 What is the book title?

Among brainstorming we have not officially chosen THE BILLIONAIRE MINDSET as title of this book.

How will this book help salespeople generate more sales?

With our targeted sector in sales, we are not only taking the individuals on a learning curve, but also motivating them to continue into their own sales venture and hopefully become an entrepreneur while being self-reliant and self-sustaining. This is a “mental sales state of mind.”

Can you share your experiences that formed your strategies within the book?

The doors-to-door sales team has a hard core of unexpected sales learning after years of interacting with potential customers on a daily basis.

What would be the biggest takeaways from reading the book?

Embrace your potential  , take advantage of time and knowledge and take action in conjunction with discipline.

How can people contact you?

We have a social media account with BRANDDOMHIDALGO1 and a virtual contact number (561-571-1168). We also plan to create an independent platform for our followers.

Do you have any media appearances set-up in the next few months?

We are having a media tour nationally and internationally once the book has launched all interested parties can reach out to the above contact.

About the Author:

Branddom Hidalgo is a sales expert, coach and accomplished author.

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