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Breaking News Prince-Kadeem Quick Has returned to Twitter



The man behind the song “Zimbabwean heat” Prince-Kay is back on Twitter. Prince-Kay has made a cryptic tweet on his Twitter account saying ““They Didn’t Like 2022 Me. So I reverted back to the 2016 me so they will embrace 2023 me Tik Tok”⏳

Internet star Prince-Kadeem Quick is known for his phenomenal success in the indie music scene Internet sensation Prince-Kadeem Quick has achieved incredible success in the independent music industry.. Prince-Kadeem Quick has multiple indie hits he has produced for many artists. The young 29 year old made Hits like “Nervous Condition”, “Captured”, “Blood On The Wall”, “Lucid Dreams”, “Dreams”, “Lover Like Me”, Citrus and “Peeping Tom”. Combined these tracks have made millions of unit sales!​​ Ever since his debut in late 2016 Prince-Kadeem Quick has risen among the ranks on social media with having over 161k instagrams followers and having over thousands of retweets on his twitter posts, Prince-Kadeem Quick has once said in an interview “One of the best decisions i’ve made in my life so far is songwriting, producing and also mentoring artists. I love helping them find their niche by making great quality music. I believe that if you give any artist enough material to work with they can produce great things”

Many Fans of Prince-Kadeem Quick are on their feet to see the original Prince-Kay aka Redroosevelt back on Twitter! Gotta see what Prince-Kadeem Quick has in store for 2023 Tik Tok⏳👀

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Twitter link:

instagram: @princekadeemquick

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