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Brilliant Composer Joel Douek, Expands his Talents to Visual Art & Sculpture



The legendary and LA based music composer has an incredible resume with his expertise not belonging to just one subject. From artwork to sculptures to music scores for hundreds of films, TV Shows and documentaries, Joel is one of the most admired creative minds in arts and entertainment. His critical praise is well deserved having worked with legends like Sir David Attenborough, Justin Timberlake, Viola Davis to companies like Apple, Meta, Sony, NBC & IMAX to name a few. Also serving as Vice President of the Society of Composers & Lyricists, Joel is considered a master of original context and imaginative creativity. 

Although he’s been creating sculptures since his early twenties while living in Paris, it wasn’t until 2019 that he focused more on showing his art to the world. His solo show in Los Angeles, titled “MetalMorphosis” was a nice opening for what Joel had in store, receiving praise from LA Times art critic Liesl Bradner. 2020 and 2021 did not disappoint as Joel continued exhibiting at shows, bringing his art to the London Biennale, Venice Contemporary Art Fair, Monaco International Art Fair, Tokyo Art Fair, Florence Biennale and winning a number of awards. With such beautiful and honest work, galleries and curators regularly reach out to feature Joel’s creations. He uses raw metals and recovered woods, using oxidation techniques to reveal the natural colors and textures of these materials. 

Joel’s art seems limitless, not intentionally placing any message in what he creates, no social or political commentary, letting people see what they see. Expressing the beauty in everything, his knowledge of both art & music help to create pieces that speak volumes on so many levels. 2022 looks promising for the limitless creator, as his artworks have already made their way to Europe, Dubai, the Superbowl and Oscar celebrity events! Exhibits at the Hampton Art Fair, Paris, France, New York City and Los Angeles are upcoming as he continues growing his audience all over the world. 

Joel Douek is an amazing creator and a true inspiration for other creatives seeking to find their own road. Being a musical genius while also exploring all of your artistry through sculpture and visual art, is not only admirable, it’s legendary.

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