Actor, Composer, Musician Joshua Turchin has known what he wanted to do since he was little. A consummate performer, Joshua has not one but two upcoming projects in his hometown of NYC. I was recently able to interview Joshua about his start on Broadway and his upcoming performances. 

1. How did you get started on Broadway?

I grew up surrounded by musical theatre. My family and I would usually
go to New York every summer to see shows, and when I was around 6, I
saw the show “Once”. I walked out of the theater, and I knew instantly
that this is what I wanted to do. In 2015, I went up to NYC for three
weeks, and I ended up booking A Christmas Story: The Musical on tour
as one of the leads.

2. Where did you discover you had a talent for singing/songwriting?

I’ve been writing music ever since I could reach the piano keys, but I
first discovered it was something I really enjoyed when I was around 7
and wrote my first songs: love songs. Did I know anything about love?
Nope. I still enjoyed the songs though!

3. You have a show coming up in NYC at the famous 54 Below. Tell us
about that show.

At 54 Below, I’m producing a show with Katherine Lynn-Rose called
“TikTok Takes Broadway”! We have an incredible cast of TikTok
composers, performers, and writers who are going to be performing some
of their original music, in addition to special games and more! It
will be on July 25th at 9:30!

4. What do you love about performing live?

I love being able to play with a live band and feel that sense of
community when performing. With a band and orchestra, and truly all
live performances, there are people supporting you musically and
emotionally to make sure the show is played in the best way possible.

5. How much do you interact with your fans on social media?

I try to interact with my fans as much as I possibly can on my social
media. I love taking suggestions for songs!

6. You seem to be working a lot! What do you enjoy doing in your downtime?

I love writing more music and orchestrating in my downtime! I also
enjoy sleeping.

7. Fun question: What is your favorite Broadway show and why?

My favorite show has to be “35MM”. It has some of the most incredible
music of any show and I highly recommend it.

8. What are your upcoming projects?

I’m producing two shows at 54 Below! One of them is “TikTok Takes
Broadway” with Katherine Lynn-Rose, and the other is “Musicalizing”
with Julia Macchio! I really can’t wait for these shows, and stay
tuned for more information about them!

9. How can we follow you on social media?

You can follow me @joshuaturchin on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Spotify!