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Brooklyn’s Rising Star T Gutta Gwilla



Terrance Nicholas Johnson Born October 4th 1989, Officially known as “T Gutta Gwilla” a Hip-Hop artist and song writer from Crown Heights Brooklyn New York, the rapper was born in Port Of Spain General Hospital in Trinidad And Tobago. T Gutta Gwilla was raised in the Caribbean with his grandmother which later in his teens he’d migrated to the US to live with his dad.

The rapper didn’t have an easy childhood but managed to keep focus on what the future holds, T Gutta Gwilla is known for his versatility and stage performances, which has gained him a lot of recognition after releasing his single “I Know You Need Me” we started seeing an increase of fans and followers drawing towards the rapper worldwide. The rapper has been persistent in pursuing his career putting in the work and staying grounded to keep up with the other rappers dominating the game today, following the independent release of his single “Keep Hating” T Gutta Gwilla continues to work on his debut album which he’s calling “Doubted Me” a release date hasn’t been set for the said album, but we hope to hear more from the artist soon.

He has released a few singles and two mixtapes called “The Gutta Story” and the other called “Street Legal” with Gwilla Gang a group the rapper started. T Gutta Gwilla started rapping in 2012 but really started taking it serious in 2022, The rapper been making and dropping hits back-to-back in one of his songs he said he’s just perfecting his craft which we can see so far. T Gutta Gutta was also featured on a record with “Spotlight Breeze” called Dope Boy which was nominated for best video of the year in 2022, The rapper continues to rise to fame showing that he’s embracing every moment of the game and improving every second.
Adapting to the industry the rapper definitely looks like he belongs and he’s definitely here to stay showing lots of progress and dedication in being a successful artist, his journey is definitely challenging but has been a successful one so far accomplishing everything there is to be a pro in the HipHop industry. The artist also quoted, ”As for artist like myself I will say keep working more and more every day to better your craft believe in yourself you don’t need validation from anyone there’s people that won’t like your music and there’s people that’ll love it stay on your grind don’t let anyone crush what you believe” T Gutta Gwilla music can be found on all streaming platforms and his video’s on YouTube.

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