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I sat down with Bryan Quaranto born and raised in Long Island, New York now living in the Caribbean where many successful entrepreneurs make their base.

What inspired you to launch this platform?

“I’m an artist and I feel the struggle of those wanting to be discovered. Before I became the CEO of Dreamwood Media, I had a long journey to get where I am today.”

“Given the current situation around the world for mental health, it’s more important than ever for music to be out in the world to help people heal emotional and mental wounds.”

“My goal is that with my platform more artists can be discovered whether it’s with my agency or someone listening.” “We have had plenty of success stories.”

“They get to come on live onto Instagram and place their songs on the spin. We help give advice on business and we have agents that watch sometimes or we pick them up ourselves.”

“Connecting artists with the right tools and resources to create a platform for them to express and monetize.”

“The balance between artist and entrepreneur is one that I have mastered and want to teach others”.

What advice do you give artists that look up to you and want to be successful like you?

“If you are an artist to KEEP creating and BE persistent. Your sound will evolve into something you’ve never heard before and so will you.”

“Your art will evolve into something you’ve never experienced.”

Where can artists go for inspiration and be discovered?

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