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Bryce Mathis Shines A Spotlight On His Home State of Mississippi



Bryce mathis on billboard

Bryce Mathis is a name that is quickly becoming synonymous with entrepreneurship in Mississippi. A native of Waynesboro, MS, Bryce has spent his life working hard to make a difference in his community. From his time serving in the Mississippi Air National Guard to owning multiple businesses in the industrial products industry, Bryce has always been someone who is passionate about making a positive impact.

Growing Up In Waynesboro

Bryce Mathis was born and raised in Waynesboro, MS. It was here that he learned the value of hard work and dedication from his parents. They instilled in him the importance of giving back to your community and helping those around you. These values would stay with Bryce throughout his life and shape the person he would become.

Serving With The Mississippi Air National Guard

After graduating high school, Bryce decided to serve his country by joining the Mississippi Air National Guard. He served for years before being honorably discharged. During this time, he gained valuable skills and experience that would help him later in life as an entrepreneur.

Building A Successful Business Career

After leaving the guard, Bryce began working in the industrial products industry. Over time, he worked his way up through various positions until he eventually became a business owner himself. Today, he is the owner of Endless Holdings Inc., a company as described on its website as having verticals in media, industrial products, energy, and agriculture.

Giving Back To The Community

Despite his success as an entrepreneur, Bryce has never forgotten where he came from. He has always been committed to giving back to his hometown and helping those around him. This commitment can be seen through his involvement with multiple non-profits organizations.

One such organization is PureLife, which focuses on providing clean water to places in the USA that don’t have access to it. Bryce serves on the board of directors for this organization and has been instrumental in its success.

Another organization that Bryce is involved with is The Oil and Gas Workers Association. This group serves as a voice for workers in the oil and gas industry by standing up for them in the face of corporations and the government.

Finally, Bryce is also involved with The Good Project, an organization dedicated to helping people overcome homelessness and addiction by providing them with access to rehabilitation.

Volunteering And Teaching At Church

In addition to his work with non-profit organizations, Bryce also spends a lot of time volunteering at his church. He teaches Sunday School classes for youth groups and works closely with young people to help guide them on their journey through life.

Through all of these efforts, it’s clear that Bryce Mathis cares deeply about making a positive impact on his community. He understands that there are many challenges facing small towns like Waynesboro but believes that by working together we can overcome them.


In conclusion, Bryce Mathis is an entrepreneur who cares deeply about his home state of Mississippi and its communities like Waynesboro where he grew up. From serving in the military to building successful businesses within industrial products industry – all while giving back through volunteerism or philanthropy – it’s clear that Mr. Mathis will continue making an impact on both local economies as well as social issues affecting Mississipians everywhere!