Lelas Al Waleed is going to set up her initiative with the United Arab Emirates, “The memory of Zayed.” A delegation from the United Arab Emirates and some other Arab countries gather there. The delegation includes businesswomen, businessmen, sheiks, and ministers.

Lelas Al Waleed revealed that this humanitarian initiative by UAE is nothing more than motivation and a catalyst for those who are living on this land. Anyone can participate in this event whether by taking part as a volunteer or reviving the events and activities. Volunteers can take part in many activities, especially in the holy month of Ramadan.      

 Also, she said, we remember the year of Zayed, whose ideas led this state into the best place for human beings to live. This humanitarian initiative is also going to take place from the best qualities of UAE’s first man, Zayed. May he rest in peace.

Hosting the stars Forum

Lelas revealed in her statement that she had completed her work in the studio about filming her new show “the stars Forum” The producer of the program, Ali Al-Yassi, and Lelas Al Waleed had extensive meetings to discuss the shoots of the shows, and decoration of the set, etc. The program will contain 30 episodes. In each episode, she will host a star and will show his or her daily routine. “The stars Forum” will launch after the holy month of Ramadan. The program is unique in its quality and ideas, regarding the decoration of the set and it’s subject to show the other aspects of artist life.  

Lelas Al Waleed will spend the whole day with a star in the villa. The channel for the program has not been chosen yet. It will host artists from the Arab world like Hazaa Al-Raisi, Asi Al-Hillani, Habib Al-Yassi, Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, Rashid Al-Majed, and Nawal Al-Kuwaiti.

Fashion and traveling are her passion. In sports, she loves horse riding. She has participated in various shows regarding sports, tourism, and fashion. And now she is going to host “the stars Forum” which is purely an artistic tourism program