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Step Up Highwater Season 3 is currently airing on Starz. A song titled “Bye Felicia” by Paul Brown was recently featured in Episode 3. The song starts when Odalie (played by Jade Chynoweth) finds a significant picture in the car and continues throughout the gang celebrating in the limo, heading to Sage’s (played by Ne-Yo) BMT party. The soundtrack for the episodefeatures songs by Ne-Yo, TLC, Terrence Green (whom plays the role of Rigo) and many more. After working through inner music legalities, BuyBuy Music has been cleared to give away Free Digital Ownership of the featured song.

“Everyone can now go to the BuyBuy Music platform and receive a free digital shared ownership in the song titled Bye Felicia”, says Paul Brown (Founder of BuyBuy Music). Having a digital shared ownership means that you’re entitled to a shared interest of the streaming revenue. Every time a song is streamed on a music streaming platform, the platform pays a royalty. Those that have streaming ownership, share that streaming royalty revenue with the music creator (recording artist) and/or label.

Details pertaining to whether or not there will be a cap set on the amount of free shared ownerships given, have not been released. As of now, it should be presumed that there will be no cap set. This would be viewed as a major attempt to open the flood gate for introducing song ownership to the masses. The platform requires that a digital shared owner must have a Venmo account in order to receive their residual payouts. Since the company launched, it is the only platform (out of three) that is using technology powered by Venmo to disburse residual payouts in the form of US currency.

With recent development advances released by Royal & Basenote, music consumers and artists are experiencing an exciting stride amongst the three platforms that are currently on the frontline towards reconstructing the entire music industry.

The company has recently shown signs of giving back to the community. Paul Brown and DJ Bobby Brown (older sibling to the BBM Founder) recently spoke at a CIP(Community Involvement Program) event held at The University of The Pacific and plans to continue to motivate today’s youth throughout the new year. Students from different middle schools and high schools within The Stockton Unified School District were in attendance.

With Christmas being days away, not only is the giveaway intended to introduce the new method in which music consumers buy into shared ownership of songs. It is also an amazing way to give to those that may be less fortunate during the upcoming Holiday. In theory and as crazy as it may appear, it is evident that the retail song investing platform is gearing up for an unprecedented year in 2023.

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