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Calvin Ross: A Musical Mastermind



Here at Christian Nicole Promotions we were able to interview on the rise musical sensation Calvin Ross. He had a moment to answer some questions about his recent musical endeavors. 

Bonni3: So, Calvin, what made you want to actually start pursuing music as a career? 

Calvin: What made me want to pursue music were the people around me telling me I could really do it, professionally. And the feeling I get when someone is emotionally affected by my talents. I’ve been singing since I can remember. As a youngster I was in church every Sunday, Wednesday, and sometimes Friday. I went to a Pentecostal church where singing was very prominent. So I was able to train my voice by sounding like the singers I was surrounded by. 

Bonni3: Love that answer. You had faith in your craft and did not hesitate to follow your gut instinct.

Calvin: Exactly. 

Bonni3: Where do you see yourself this year? 

Calvin: This year I see myself in a good space. I’ve expanded my network and connected with more prominent names within the industry. I’ve also grown mentally with the time I’ve had this year reflecting on the previous. 

Bonni3: Okay Okay, that’s really dope. 

Calvin: Most definitely 

Bonni3: Who has helped influence your sound? And how do you define your sound? 

Calvin:The artists that influenced me personally and in a way impacted my sound are firstly, Michael Jackson, he was the start of it all. Usher, R.Kelly, Ginuwine, and Avant. There are a few more but those are the main artists that really played a major role in me singing. 

As of now I would describe my sound as urban R&B. Where I mainly reference my life, things I’ve seen and been through as well as insuring women on how beautiful and important they are. 

Bonni3: Those are some of my favorites right there. Nice lineup. Okay, right now what are you currently working on? 

Calvin: I’m currently working on my debut EP, titled “Preface”. This EP will be an official introduction into my life, what I like, don’t like, and things I very seldom discuss due to the way it affects me mentally. 

Bonni3: Very dope concept. I know your fans will love this new release. Calvin: Oh for sure ! 

Bonni3: What are your most recent accomplishments that you are proud of? 

Calvin: Some of the accomplishments I made recently would be. Winning a 2019 SCM award for the “Bobby Womack R&B artist of the year”. The EP I did with my brother 2c’s which was produced by Chriz Beatz placed number 30 on the iTunes Charts. I signed a new management deal with Trae Dot and Rushing Management which came with a direct connection to Drumma Boy and his production. 

Bonni3: Wow, that’s major congrats on that ! 

Calvin: Thank you 

Bonni3: So with this pandemic going on has it affected your career in a negative way?

Calvin: I would have to say this pandemic has actually helped me more than hurt. I’ve been able to focus and home in on my craft. My streams and sales have gone up, and my overall network has expanded tremendously. So yea this pandemic didn’t really hurt me, it instead helped me quite a bit. 

Bonni3: I feel the same way. It has helped a lot of people focus. I’m glad to hear that. Well, your music I must say is very refreshing to hear. I can honestly say I enjoy your content and I’m sure anyone else who checks you out will too ! Thanks for chatting with me, but before we go where can new fans check out your content ? 

Calvin: I appreciate it ! You can keep up with me on my website, Instagram and also Twitter. 

About Calvin Ross

Calvin Ross is an R&B singer and producer hailing from Tennessee.

Calvin Ross began making music when he was 17, right after moving back home to Tennessee from a 6 year stay in Detroit. He acquired a friend’s setup for $100 where he began making beats on Fruity Loops. After becoming acquainted with how to produce his own beats, he took advantage of his talent for singing and turned to recording and mixing.

“I didn’t want to release any music until it sounded really good,” he said.

After winning a showcase at P. Diddy’s studio, Daddy’s House, Calvin Ross got to meet with an A&R for Def Jam Recordings where he was further reassured of his talents. After this meeting, he started to pursue his music career more seriously and has since soared to new heights.

Today, Calvin Ross mainly creates Urban R&B, taking inspiration from artists like Michael Jackson, Usher, Ginuwine, and R. Kelly.

“The feeling I get when someone genuinely tells me they like my music is the best feeling in the world,” Ross said. “I let the instrumentals talk to me and tell me what to say.”

Growing up in an area of Tennessee where crime and violence is the norm, Calvin Ross has a colorful story to tell-one that continues to make his music stand out from the rest.

So far, he has opened for Avant, Urban Mystic, Snootie Wild, YFN Lucci, Bando Jonez, Yung Bleu and he continues to chase his dreams of having his music reach No. 1 on Billboard.


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Louii Gurl Mommi : A Great Creator, Artist & Boss



This female artist has really built herself up from the ground to the skies. She creates while she envisions her greatest accomplishments. 

  She holds her record as the first female artist to debut her newest single, “Pay Summ” since January 1st 2021 on FM radio while also releasing two music videos, all within two months. Louii Gurl Mommi is not one to sleep on. She continues to be great after every completed goal. She plans on dropping both her mixtape which she is now putting together and an album that she is also currently working on. She stops at nothing when it comes to her career in the music industry. 

  Her career started after a traumatic experience. Rapping and writing was her gateway out of the darkness, it is her escape and it makes her feel great and powerful. Louii Gurl Mommi was so pleased with her work. She showed her sister her content which then led to her signing with music label, “Dollazignz Music Group ”. The label really loved her work as well and saw her as an up and coming star; They had so much faith in her and her lyrical flow that they gave her a record deal.

  Louii Gurl Mommi wants her fans and her city to know that there is still more to come. She has some big plans and is working really hard on delivering. This female artist is no quitter and is a true fighter. If you want to keep up with her and her moves check her out and tune in to her music. She will not disappoint. 

  Follow her on instagram. She has some real dope content. Her energy is far from tired and boring. Her sound is new and exciting. Don’t miss out on a chance on listening to 2021’s next female artist. 

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See how New Breed Nye ignited rap scene in Atlanta



Sometimes it only takes one person to make the change and create a history.
Throughout the history of music, there have been many artists who stood out separate
from the rest and their unique talent has changed the entire music genre. Atlanta is
going through the same phase and the hip hop scene in Atlanta has just gone
mainstream and the man leading it is – New Breed Nye.
Nyrryk Evans Aka New Breed Nye is born and raised in Atlanta and that’s where he
started his musical career too. He had many struggles in his childhood and he had to
work very hard to achieve success as there were no shortcuts or guide for him to
become a rapper. In school days Nyrryk used to be a winning athlete and played every
sport from basketball, baseball to football. In high school he found out his true passion
and talent is in music, so he started to create his own rap music. His music really
caught up with people and soon he was known as “Yung Nye ” among his fans.
Throughout college he continued to work on improving his skills and now officially
known as New Breed Nye.
New Breed Nye started playing at various concerts and musical events. He became a
global success and was invited as opening act for legendary rappers Dej Loaf (at
Kennesaw State) and for Lil Uzi Vert and the Migos. New Breed Nye is always the
highlight of any music concert in Atlanta. New Breed Nye got several gigs at
basketball halftimes, charity events and fashion shows too. It was no wonder that he
was also called by Hollywood as he was an actor for Movie Uncle Drew (It features
Kyrie Irving, Tiffany caddish and many more). New Breed Nye has his own official
merchandise called as New Breed Nye Apparel. It is quite amazing that a young man
from humble background has now taken over billboards all around the city. You can
learn more about him and buy fashion accessories and merchandise at New Breed
Apparel. New Breed Nye dropped new music titled, “Love Me before They All Do”. It
has already sold out in theatres in Atlanta. To know more follow IG: @newbreednye.

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BigOpp Zooted: Is Making His Name Known Throughout His City



Elijah Penn better known as BigOpp Zooted is a 17 year old artist from York, PA. He is a Hip-Hop artist who stays true to his original sound. Music for him has been a blessing. It has kept him motivated, focused and out of the street life. Doing something that he enjoys doing gives him sheer joy. He is a trap/drill artist, but can also switch it up and show his fans his versatility. He started taking music seriously when 215Radio approached him reaching out offering a lending hand for management. 215Radio believed him his artistry and saw a star in BigOpp Zooted.

Since leaving the street life behind BigOpp Zooted has seen a ton of success. He has been featured on major platforms such as SayCheeseTV, Meek Mill news, My Mixtapez story, Hiphopnowtv, Hiphopcentral news, Hustle hearted and the early bird freestyle show which is based out of Baltimore, Maryland. His talent has definitely been noticed and appreciated by all who hear his music catalog. This artist is a role model for sure. He wants to give back as much as he can to his community and help others prosper as he does. Currently he is pushing his latest release titled ” Balenciaga” and another record called “Smile”. He states “Never give up and that is just what it is. Stay focused.” This artist is definitely on the come up. His young age puts him at a great advantage to get in the industry and take over.

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