The Yonkers, New York Hip-Hop recording artist Michael J Foxx has continuously been on a roll with music and with his partner, up and coming Pop recording artist Sydney Sexton they have a lot in the works.

Their new single “Candy Rain” coming from “Growing Pains 2” Ep it’s sounding more upbeat and vivid than the previous project. It’s like they gave the listeners their pain and now it’s time to show their growth.

With the song Candy Rain, Michael J Foxx wanted to pay homage to pioneer’s from around his area. There’s a city named “Mount Vernon” which is right next to Yonkers New York where a well known super star Hip-Hop recording artist by the name of Heavy D found and put on an R&B group called “Soul 4 Real” that has several hits and one of them is called Candy Rain.

Michael J Foxx & Sydney Sexton wanted to pay homage and revamp the song with their flavour. By the sound of it they completely came correct.

Hip-Hop recording artist Michael J Foxx teams up with partner Sydney Sexton on the mic and they create something epic.  Growing Pains caters to the masses. From commercial vibes to the hardcore street anthems of music. They didn’t drop the ball on this and to addition they’re scoring consistently.

The new single is available for all digital streaming platforms.

As well as a hip-hop artist, Michael is also an audio engineer and music producer. In the past 12 months, he has released numerous bodies of work including five mixtapes, multiple singles, and one solo album, When The Street Lights Come On. As an artist, he has a broad range of sound and technique inspired by all genres of music from hip-hop to rock nuance, it is quite unique. He says his music is rooted in the ups and downs and life.

From Yonkers, New York to Moncton, New Brunswick Canada. You can’t mention up and coming artists if you don’t mention Foxx. His work ethic is equivalent as if he’s already signed. Remarkable.

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