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Canny Lando is back on the scene with a new release: Betrayed Too



Canny Lando is an artist who combines excellent production aesthetics with a more profound concept at the core of his artistry. The artist’s most recent studio release, Betrayed Too Much, is a strong combination of modern hip-hop and trap influences, with a dash of dream-hop (essentially the same kind of textures you’d expect from artists like Dead Rituals, but within a rap context). Is there anything better than a piece of music where everything seamlessly falls together? Music is really about the sum of its part, and Betrayed Too Much is a perfect example of how driven, and dynamic Canny Lando is. This exciting studio work feels like a fascinating step forward for this performer and a great showcase of his ability with his music. If you happen to be a fan of artists such as Juice WRLD, Trippie Redd, and Joey Bada$$, you should give this one a shot since Canny Lando might just be the kind of artist that you are looking for! With such a diverse range of production excellence and songwriting chops, you cannot go wrong with this one!

Canny Lando has released his song “Betrayed Too Much.” This song is about the betrayals of love that Canny Lando has felt throughout his life. It is perfectly suited for anyone who has been betrayed in a relationship. It would also make a great listen for anyone who enjoys listening to Hip Hop music. 

Find out more about Canny Lando, and do not miss out on Betrayed Too Much.

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