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Capital Hill Has A New Music Star Who Goes By Ericky B



Eric Banner better known as Ericky B is an on the rise artist from Northeast D.C. He was born and raised in Capital Hill. His career started in Go-Go. Go-Go is part of culture in D.C thanks to the Godfather Chuck Brown. The technique of call and go within Go-Go music helped Ericky B create his own sound. As Go-Go started phasing out with the newer generations Eric took to rap. Eric has seen some success already within his career. He has toured with another amazing D.C artist Fat Trel and also QC’s own Young Thug. Eric is an amazing artist who instills laws of attraction and manifesting throughout his everyday ventures.

Law Of Attraction is also the name of his new debut mixtape. This is his best work yet. He has a ton of hit records on this catalog. He states “ Stay humble and have a hell of a lot of patience and just keep getting better. Find as many ways to make it work if you really want it.” This year although COVID-19 has caused many artists to go back to the drawing board some artists such as Eric are turning this inconvenience into something positive. Eric has a solid mindset and is determined and destined for success and will stop at nothing to see his goals accomplished. He knows that nothing comes easy and fame is not overnight. Its a process. Make sure you tune in and check out his content.

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