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Carly Pope, Alyssa Sutherland and Bryan Greenberg Star In Out of Shot Production’s The Mental State



Out of Shot Production’s The Mental State is currently on its festival run, which sees the film screening at Boston Film Festival this week. Next up will be its Official Selection at Newport Beach Film Festival, followed screenings at Louisville Film Festival and Awareness Film Festival.

Getting invited to screen at these festivals is no surprise, as the film has quite the cast. Carly Pope (Elysium), Alyssa Sutherland (Vikings) and Bryan Greenberg (How to Make It in America) are but a few of the famous faces with roles in it.

Directed by James Camali, director of A Fatal Obsession starring Eric Roberts, in collaboration with his filmmaking partner and cinematographer Ronnie Swelton. Matthew Einstein of Tradition Pictures and Glen Trotiner produced the film.

Based on the Josh Adell’s play of the same name, The Mental State was written by Jeremy Anderson, Joshua Barclay and James Camali.

It tells the story of 17 year old high school senior Andy, played by Jance Enslin (Truth Be Told) going through a mental health crisis. His community, a town set in rural Kentucky, is not familiar with these issues, or how to deal with them for that matter. His mother Angela, played by Carly Pope, struggles to deal with her son’s issues, as they both attempt to cope with the true identity and intentions of a dangerous town shooter.

Camali explains his reaction to reading Adell’s play and how he had “encapsulated every theme I wanted to cover”. He continues in describing his meeting with Adell to discuss the idea for the film version “our goals to open a dialogue about teenage mental health and gun control were aligned”.

Other members of the cast include William R Moses (Mystic Pizza) playing the principal of the school depicted in the film, Michael Gladis (Mad Men) and Jim True-Frost (The Hudsucker Proxy).

Casting for The Mental State was led by casting directors Patricia McCorkle and her associate Katja Zarolinkski.

Camali explains the experience in casting Enslin in the role of Andy “After about six seconds, it was obvious he was the right choice for Andy”. He remarks about the entire casting process on how “The main thing that I noticed with each actor was that everyone was ready to come on this project to act their butts off, which they did. I’m very thankful for this cast”.

The film hasn’t a set theatrical release date yet. However, it’ll be worth the wait, since the film already has taken home the Best Feature awards at both the New Jersey International Film Festival and San Francisco Film Festival earlier this year.

For more information on the cast and to keep updated on release dates, visit here.

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