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Carol Collins also known as The Pittsburg Medium



Carol Collins, the gifted light trance channel, has been sharing the teachings of the Jeshua Collective with the world for several years now. Carol describes Jeshua as “The Collective of nonphysical vibration beings that teach through me.” The Collective shares what is called ‘The Essential Material,’ which covers consciousness, the Law of Attraction, Self-healing via Directing Chi, Quantum Healing and the origin of the Earth.

When in an altered state of mind, the Jeshua Collective speak through her, making Carol a ‘conduit’ as she likes to say. Her abilities go far beyond a medium’s- while she can connect with loved ones who have passed away, Carol can also communicate with past lives, future lives, Guides, Nonphysical Teachers, Archangels and other various spirits.

Carol offers various outlets to connect with Jeshua, both in-person and virtually.

Those who have interacted with the Jeshua Collective often find great peace, and answers to some of life’s most pressing questions. “There is so much validation and accuracy and soothing and comfort that comes through in a single session,” Carol attests.

Every other Thursday, Carol holds a two hour virtual event called “Our Knowing- Conversations with Jeshua.” For the entire two hours, she is in her altered state of mind, allowing Jeshua to be channeled through her. Each workshop begins with a specific topic the Collective wants to touch upon. Then, the conversations are dictated by attendees and their questions. The next ‘Conversations with Jeshua’ will be held on July 14. The schedule for the rest of 2022 is as follows: August 11, September 15, October 13, November 17 and December 15.

Another way one connects with Jeshua and his teachings is by taking a course at Carol’s ‘Center for Intuitive Studies.’ Here, students can take classes such as ‘Unfoldment into Channeling,’ ‘The Art of Self-Healing’ and ‘A Course In Miracles Explained.’

‘Unfoldment into Channeling’ is a 90 minute virtual class held every Monday from 7-8:30pm EST for 12 weeks. The class allows clients to strengthen their ability to receive and interpret clear, accurate information from their spirit guides.

‘The Art of Self-Healing’  is held on Tuesdays from 7-8pm EST, and also lasts for twelve weeks. During this course, students learn how to naturally heal themselves. “There are ways to heal, and there are ways to create healing. We show you both,” Jeshua says.

Lastly, ‘A Course In Miracles Explained’ is held every Tuesday from 5-6pm EST, and is designed to help students heal the trauma they’ve been through, their life’s purpose and how to get rid of limiting self-beliefs. During the class, Carol provides many opportunities to ask Jeshua questions and all are invited to a private Facebook Group called “Spiritually Led Journey.” Here, Carol posts ‘weekly conversation starters’ and encourages students to nurture connections outside of class.

In addition to courses, Carol offers both private and group readings, which can be done remotely. Private readings are available by phone all throughout the week and can be 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Carol also holds 30 or 60 minute Chakra attunements, or ‘Source Healing,’ as Jeshua likes to call it. “It is like relaxing into meditation while they attune and balance your chakras. I like to say it is a conversation Jeshua has with your body to heal it from unwellness of any kind,” she says. Group readings last for two hours and can accommodate up to ten people. During, Jeshua will be able to give specific and personalized advice on the Law of Attraction and help you communicate with your guide to have any question answered.

Carol also holds various retreats, one being her upcoming event, “I AM- a Chakra Cleansing Weekend,” which will be held in Sedona, Arizona from July 15-17. Limited to eight people, each person receives non-stop, personalized attention. “I AM is an extraordinary experience in self-discovery, self-evaluation, self-confidence improvement, and conflict resolution with your inner self to not only explore who you are now but who you were meant to be,” she adds.

There will also be a “I AM-Chakra Cleansing Weekend” taking place in Port Douglas, Queensland Australia from November 18-20. At the beautiful, all-inclusive resort, the same topics touched upon at the Arizona retreat will be discussed here as well. However, this event allows for fourteen people, instead of eight.

Those who have gone on her past retreats express how amazing the experience was. “Thank you, Carol, for doing this retreat. It has truly changed my life,” one attendee reveals.

For those interested in booking a session, taking a course and/or participating in a retreat/workshop with Carol and Jeshua, you can schedule here.

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