There are many styles of music and many various ways in which to enjoy them. This is only rivaled by the number of people on the planet that have invented them. Through out history the various evolutions of traditions have used music as part of their cultures, ceremonies, and religions. However, one thing has always been unique to all of these things – the musicians themselves – the ones making the music. These unsung misfits have endured time and are the common thread throughout history that has taken the time to ponder this wonderful realm. The thinkers that have invested much of their lives to inventing and reinventing the muse.

Casawi is a rapper from Luxembourg. The artist has been unveiling single after single for several months. It has just made a buzz with the title “Darwa” which has been taken up in heart by all the specialized press. After his success with “Darwa”, Casa is back with a huge featuring with rapper Riad Bouroubaz. The two rappers are already surfing on more than 130,000 views in two days. They just blew everything up.

Casawi is a man who has come a long way. In an interview with our colleagues from urbantracks a short time ago, he confessed, implying that music saved his life. After going through a very dark and more than complicated period, the rapper had managed to get up. He then chained single on single, gathering more and more supporters on each of his outings.

Today, Casawi is back with the track “Darwa” followed by his explosive clip. This new release caused a stir, since the clip was relayed by all the specialized press, but also by the local media. The “Darwa” clip has so far accumulated nearly 700,000 views on YouTube. A more than honorable score that portends good things for the future.

Waiting for more news regarding the preparation of a new project. soon, Casawi continues to fly the colors of Luxembourg.