Joshua Jayaweera, better known as Jay Jay, is a multifaceted figure on the global stage. With beginnings rooted in magic, Jay Jay has evolved into an international speaker, PR and media specialist, and a personal brand advisor. His career trajectory highlights not just the power of transformation but also the vital importance of brand management and public relations in today’s digital landscape.

Early Days: A Passion for Magic

Jay Jay’s career kicked off in 2004 as a magician. Fascinated by David Blaine’s street magic, Jay sought to follow a similar path. Although initially facing business struggles, he didn’t give up. Instead, he pivoted to educating aspiring magicians via YouTube in 2009. This venture proved to be a turning point; his channel garnered over 57 million views, making it the #1 how-to magic channel worldwide.

The Power of Digital Media

In 2011, Jay realized the scope and potential of digital media. He started a digital PR and media agency called Ace Of Spades, focusing on scaling personal brands. His agency has since collaborated with various brands and entrepreneurs, enhancing both his agency’s and his personal reputation.

A Speaker with Substance

Jay Jay – International Speaker

Over the years, Jay has graced many stages worldwide, including business events, networking groups, workshops, seminars, and conferences. He covers a wide range of topics such as brand management, business scalability, and digital marketing. His speaking engagements aim to empower individuals and organizations, leveraging his own experiences and insights to provide actionable takeaways.

Building Brands and More

Jay’s speeches often encompass how to get your brand recognized by a global audience, how to double your deal flow and fees through effective PR, and how to monetize your unique skills. His holistic approach to branding and business makes him a sought-after speaker for Fortune 500 companies and upcoming startups alike.

The Jay Jay Philosophy

At the heart of Jay’s success is his understanding that business isn’t just about the product or service you offer; it’s about how well you can market and sell yourself. Through his agency and speaking engagements, Jay highlights the importance of strong PR and media presence for enhancing credibility and increasing revenue.

Looking Ahead

Jay Jay Speaker & Entrepreneur

Jay plans to continue mentoring and inspiring individuals and businesses. With an emphasis on building genuine connections in the corporate world, Jay wants to teach principles of relentless drive, mental toughness, and results-driven performance.

From magic tricks to intricate business strategies, Jay Jay’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance, adaptability, and savvy brand management. His story serves as a valuable lesson for those looking to navigate the complex terrains of personal branding and public relations in the digital age.