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Celebian Discuss Tips To Grow Your TikTok Account



1. Know Your Target Audience

You need to learn more about your target audience. Knowing your target audience is key because you get to learn about what kind of content is most relatable to them. This can help you identify the right hashtags to leverage in your posts. You also know what kinds of trends to take part in and what kind of challenges to do. Best of all, it lets you in on some of the best influencers to use to grow your following.

2. Create Original Content

While it’s always recommended to use other trendy videos for inspiration, you don’t want to solely rely on them. Don’t simply copy videos that you see. Instead, you want to try to create original content. Creating original content gives people a reason to follow your account. You don’t want to become “another account” in a crowded sea of accounts.

Likewise, you don’t want to solely rely on reusing videos from other platforms. Not every platform is the same. A video on Facebook or Instagram isn’t necessarily bound to do well on TikTok.

3. Engage With Other Like-Minded Creators

You should look to engage with other TikTok creators. Engaging with them is one of the top things you can do when looking to grow your account. To effectively boost your engagements, you can leverage the use of features like Stitch and Duet. Always be willing to engage with other creators and avoid shying away from accounts that are larger than your own. It will help you learn how to effectively create better content and it can help you get a lot of useful tips that can help you down the road.

4. Use Hashtags

As mentioned, you need to be using hashtags when you are posting your content. This is how people will find your content if they aren’t already following you. You can do a lot with hashtags to boost your rankings in the algorithm. However, you don’t want to simply spam hashtags that aren’t relevant to your video and audience. Try to pinpoint the right hashtags to use on your posts. Always research to ensure you are using the most relevant and useful hashtags.

5. Cross-Promote

A lot of people will go from social media to social media according to Celebian. Because of this, you want to leverage all platforms where you have a viable audience. You want to start posting content across various social media platforms to get the most visibility and to get more TikTok followers.

You will find a lot of accounts sharing their TikTok videos on their Instagram reels. This is something you can do to improve your following on both accounts. You can direct people to your TikTok accounts with watermarks. This will allow you to leverage your existing following on Instagram to grow your account naturally. Some people might not know you are on a specific platform. You could always remove the watermark if your goal is to repurpose the content on Instagram or another platform too.

6. Get The Timing Right

The time in which you post content can dictate how successful it is. You want to do some research to figure out when you should be posting your content. You want to do some split testing to figure out what time your posts get maximum engagement. This will likely be dictated by your target market. Because of this, everyone will have a different time that works best.

You can find a lot of the information you need in the Analytics section through the Followers tab. This will allow you to check when your audience is the most active. Be sure you are paying attention to the time zone to ensure you are scheduling your posts for the most optimal time.

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