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Chan-T: Walks A Peaceful Journey



A conversation with R&B artist Chan-T. What he has learned about love and betrayal and why those lessons have made peace a priority.

First off congratulations on the album. Amazing work.

Chan-T: Thank you I really appreciate it. Making that album was definitely a journey.

A lot of us have reaped the benefits of that journey through your music.

Chan-T: Thank you That’s great to hear. (Laughter)

Do you still believe in Malevolent Adoration?

Chan-T: That is a complex question. I think that it exists but I am now starting to believe that it doesn’t exist for everyone. It’s become very difficult to find genuine people in today’s world. So many people can relate to the situations I address on my album. In one sense it feels good to know that I am not alone but it’s also disheartening to know that so many people go through them.

Which do you think is worse being lied to or being betrayed?

Chan-T: Wow. They both suck but being betrayed is absolutely worse. People lie to you all the time but everybody in your life hasn’t betrayed you. Betrayal is you believing in your heart that someone is for you and then you realize they were actively working against you. That is a hard thing to get over.

Do you trust your heart now?

Chan-T: Absolutely not. (Laughter). My heart has terrible instincts. I use a lot more logic when it comes to romantic relationships now. It may not be the ideal way to think but it is the best way for me. I really don’t trust my own judgment in relationships right now (Nervous Laughter)

Which is the highest priority for you right now Love or peace?

Chan-T: Peace. By far. But I can admit that wasn’t always the case. It’s like I said in the song Rabbit Hole. Don’t ever lose yourself to gain them. That’s wisdom to the power of 10. That was probably one of my worst relationship behaviors. Always putting them and their needs before my own. It’s crazy that I’m even talking like this It took a lot for me to get to this place that I can even admit this.

So it sounds like you have given up on love?

Chan-T: Absolutely not. What I have given up on is love under any conditions. I now have boundaries I now have rules and I have lines. And I’m learning to be okay with letting people go who don’t accept them. Peace is a top priority for me now.

Sounds like Chan-T is on a Peaceful Journey

Chan-T: You are right on the money about that.

His Album Love And Other Drugs is out now on all streaming platforms.

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