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Chase Webb: The Multi-Talented Veteran Businessman Revolutionizing Virtual and Physical Experiences



Meet Chase Webb, a veteran American businessman from Dayton, Ohio who now lives in Denver, Colorado. Chase is a former US Navy sailor who distinguished himself by serving on the USS IWO JIMA (LHD-7). He is a graduate of Boston Berklee College of Music and holds two degrees: a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Electronic Music Production and Sound Design (Class of 2019) and a Master of Music in Music Production (Class of 2021).

Chase is a Research Analyst, Business Developer, and Executive Producer. In addition, he is an expert musician, artist, rapper, singer, songwriter, A&R representative, publisher, and director. Moreover, Pursue is a Blockchain Master, Innovation Futurist, and Investor. His ability to disrupt the industry has earned him a reputation, and he is skilled at setting priorities for work, scheduling, managing, and meeting project deadlines. Chase is a strong leader who can build teams and set the highest standards with systems. He has quick wit, self-motivation, intelligence, and adaptability. Chase is proficient in English and has strong verbal and written communication skills.

Chase collaborates with his rivals and customers to build long-lasting relationships with audiences. He designs experiences, products, and services across disciplines with a focus on the user experience and culturally appropriate solutions. Chase’s job is to bring together professionals from various industries to talk about life in 2021. He supports a culture of learning and collaboration. His people group is for assorted people from varying backgrounds, foundations, and ventures.

Pursue takes each conceivable measure to guarantee that his work reliably offers the most elevated benefit. He does this by communicating clearly, paying attention to contracts, being accountable, and providing service and maintenance that is guaranteed. Chase re imagines and reinvents virtual and physical spaces to strengthen connections between people. He does this by combining a keen production sense with a command of creative technology, a commitment to social awareness, and both. Along with the intersection of cultural, social, and physical design, he collaborates and invents, and he strives to think bigger and incorporate consistency and dependability into everything he does. Chase is able to explore, create, combine, and curate unexpected experiences because of his extensive skill set and interests.

Modern World Production is an experiential, virtual events, campaign, and design agency founded by Chase. Interactive installations, XR productions, virtual environments, and custom immersive worlds that come to life are all created by the company. Pursue’s capable group changes clients’ vision into connecting with occasions offering vital encounters. Today, Alt Ethos use visionary idea authority and looks to future-verification the business, displaying cross breed arrangements highlighting face to face, virtual, and vivid creations as the area bounce back. The company produces successful, revenue-generating events that excite attendees and benefit all stakeholders with this strategy and the help of partners and customers. His objective is to provide clients with comprehensive solutions that include flawless creative concepts and flawless execution, strategic consultation guided by data analysis and business intelligence, and both. Through a variety of next-generation experiences, they want to delight, engage, and connect people.

The branded experience that guests will remember is created by Chase’s customization experiences. For the upcoming virtual event, he possesses the expertise and experience necessary to introduce audiences to new experiences. He considers virtual and mixture occasions to be an elevated method for interfacing with the world and increment commitment. As Alt Ethos creates individualized virtual, hybrid, and live event solutions to continuously expand their offerings and the advancement of technology in the entertainment and events industries, they are solid partners for you. The Signature Experience, Collaborative Design, Great Customer Service, Ease of Process, Unexpected Joy, and Connection that Alt Ethos offers are all offered.

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