Chris Schwenk is a standout entrepreneur in the staffing industry. His journey began at a time when the world was facing the 2007 financial crisis. With no background in technology or staffing, Chris decided to dive right in. He describes the beginning of his career as a “trial by fire.” Through hard work, networking, and understanding what businesses needed, he founded Delos Staffing. Now, with over 15 years in the industry, Chris and his company are known for their expertise in IT, clinical staffing, and executive placements.

Delos Staffing: Helping People and Businesses Grow

What makes Delos Staffing special is Chris Schwenk’s approach to helping both job seekers and companies. He doesn’t just match people with job openings; he actively looks for ways to create new opportunities. Chris is passionate about coaching job seekers on how to improve their resumes, get the right certifications and ace interviews. He believes in the value of making sure that the candidates he sends to companies are a great fit. Chris puts it simply: “The candidates you send are an extension of you.”

Chris Schwenk’s Take on Trends in the Staffing Industry

Chris is someone who keeps his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the staffing world. He’s noticed the ongoing debate between working in the office versus working remotely, especially after the pandemic. “Companies are in a bind. People are equally if not more productive when working at home, but there are still these large overheads for office buildings and the effect it has workplace markets is extreme.” He went on to explain how companies are trying to incentivize people to come back because of the negative effect empty offices have on nearby restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops, and other businesses. When not staying current on job trends, he also keeps his skills up to date. “Right now, Python Engineering is big, anything AI or cloud related. Knowing these skills will definitely keep you marketable.” 
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