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Chuck Gibbs’s album ‘Stay Active’



Stay Active was a terrific record, and Gibbs, as executive producer, was responsible for seeing that it was released on August 31, 2021. The information on this record was made available to the general public in 2021. Because he did not have enough money to pay for a professional recording studio, he was compelled to record the album in his bedroom. The possible consequences were various, but they had to take place. Several of his extremely talented friends, including Yung Brooklyn, El Shudi (Nate), Pilotkid, NMSTKS, Parker Jazz, and Gerreaux, contributed to the record in some capacity.

The album can be streamed on various platforms, including but not limited to those offered by Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud, amongst others. Remember that each piece of music conveys a unique and personal message to the person or people who listen to it. The CD has received mostly positive feedback from his musical devotees. The album title is beginning to receive significant focus from music lovers.

The entire track count for the album is ten, and the same song functions as the album’s introduction and conclusion. In addition to it, there is a bonus tune. There have only been eight songs that have occupied the number-one spot on both lists simultaneously. Many of Gibbs’s admirers believe these were the most considerate gifts he could have offered his audience members.

  1. Blue Moon
  2. Cloudy
  3. Scars
  4. Faded
  5. Jetlag
  6. Mood Swings
  7. Organic Bud
  8. Wicked.  We got an Intro & an Outro.

As listeners, we are often allowed to discover a talented young musician with a lot of potential in the form of a truly unique gift. Because we take in a significant amount of music daily, we are always looking for fresh tracks that we can add to the playlists we create. We are pleased to present “Stay Active,” the first studio album released by Chuck Gibbs, a musician who works in various genres, to the delight of music fans like yourself. Chuck Gibbs is a musician who works in a variety of genres.

About Artist

Chuck Gibbs was born in 1992. He’s a singer, rapper, and album producer. He’s worked with BklynMadeThat, El Shudi, NMSTKS, pilotkidd, Gerreaux, and Parker Jazz. Gibbs may be struggling, but he wants to assist others with his music. He left as an adolescent. Gibbs’ family left Different York for the South when he was 15, exposing him to a new way of life. Gibbs’ love of music grew, and this effect lasted the longest. He and his uncle often participated in rapping and songwriting.

After graduating, he explored a music career. Gibbs, a young company, faced hazards and consumer relations. He became a strong opponent as his attitude and skills developed.

Gibbs’ drive never wavered from his original goal of crafting socially conscious music. He aspires to influence the world with his joyful message. Gibbs’ joy isn’t a matter of accident but the effort and good fortune. Gibbs believes that spreading optimism and pleasant vibes can’t go wrong. Chucks also worked with a renowned artist Danny Boone from Rehab called ‘Kill The Static’ and is available on all Platforms.


Fans can look forward to Chuck Gibbs working with some very talented musicians in the not-too-distant future, as he promised them. Until then, you can follow him on Instagram and listen to his album Stay Active to keep up with his latest activities. 

Social media links

Below, for your convenience, we have provided a selection of links.

IG: @gibbsthechuckster

SoundCloud: itzChuckGibbs 

Tiktok is there, with the same name.

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