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CIC books created by the global literary sensation Ka’Ron Gaines set to be the next big thing in Literature



What are CIC books?

CIC books are books with illustrations that appeal to children but with subject matter that can enlighten an adult.

Who created CIC books?

Ka’Ron Gaines aka Mr. One God, a literary phenomenon from the USA, is the creator of CIC books.

With a base in Ypsilanti, Gaines is the first author to ever write and publish six separate books on the same day. He started his literary journey with a children’s book Woke Seed Book, which made headlines in many nations. The book that was initially directed towards children, went on to impress and enlighten adults too. The reception was huge.

Creator of CIC Books Ka’Ron Gaines shares 5 vital tips for writers who wish to write CIC Books

  • Have fun while creating no matter how intense the subject matter is
  • Create with the intentions of making a change in the world
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about anything
  • All topics are important and inclusive
  • Everyone isn’t skilled enough to create great CIC books

Which is the latest book by Ka’Ron Gaines?

Newest CIC book “The Abandoned Black Boy” (The Story of Kortez Moss) is a traumatic and sad story, but yet with a overcoming glory ending. Step into the consciousness of Kortez Moss as he gives you his story raw and uncut.

Which is the first CIC book ever written?

One Race, One Culture, One God, One Pandemic by Ka’Ron Gaines is the first ever CIC book written in the world.

One Race, One Culture, One God, One Pandemic: The global pandemic has been the biggest reminder that we are sharing the space we call Earth together. A book about a missing unity connecting dots that makes us all one. Join in on solving this global crisis as we awaken to the realization that we all need each other.

How do CIC books change the world?

  • By bridging gaps between our children and adults
  • By opening the door for important dialogue to be digested in a smoother way for our children.
  • What are the benefits of CIC books?

What are the benefits of CIC books?

  • Strengthening the child and adult relationship
  • Bridging needed conversations between children and parents
  • Strengthening bonding within the household
  • Open dialogues that give the child and adult a chance to create new provoking thoughts

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