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Cloudy Wingz: Is Making A Difference In The Music Industry



With so much music being released each year, it’s near-impossible to keep track of everything that’s coming.
Make sure you’re in the know.

One of the best new up and coming rappers is rumored to be dropping a debut album next year. The evidence on his social media is staggering and just keeps coming.

Cloudy revealed that not only is his album nearly done, but that it involves a different sound than what we’ve previously heard from the Indianapolis rapper.

According to critics, Cloudy has put forth one of the best new singles we’ve seen from him in years. And, according to several big wigs in the industry, Cloudy continues to create at high creative capacity.

It hasn’t even been a year since Cloudy Wingz dropped his last single, MINE. But to the elation of his fans, Cloudy has seized this weird quarantine to grant himself the opportunity to pump out an album.

This is huge news for fans who feared Cloudy’s album would never come to light

According to sources, the LP endured a near constant changing of directions. But for the sake of those dedicated fans we’re hoping that plenty of the old and original Cloudy survives.

Earlier this year, the Indianapolis rapper went independent and promised a new project—his first studio album. His last record, Backstabbers, restated what we already knew about Cloudy Wingz: The rapper is exceptionally talented, relentless in truths, and will rampantly do whatever he wants.

He’s remained relatively tight-lipped since the February release of “MINE”, but just a few weeks ago after his studio session, Cloudy Wingz promised his audience a new album for the new year.

The project has occupied a back burner while Cloudy has developed tracks for his rap alter-ego Killah Will, as well as a few recent collaborations including a highly anticipated track featuring the artist “Fre$h” from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Cloudy’s fans have been through some things. From the uncertainty of his court cases, to the standstill of his music creation so that he can focus on building his businesses and raising his daughter full time, we were concerned about the durability of this rising star. But Cloudy is in good spirits, and focused on his upcoming LP,

The album is hopefully due out sooner than later. Though he has promised to do music full time, we would be satisfied with at least one witty, humorous, and gritty album from Cloudy. As of late, Cloudy has been very vocal about his listening and learning, critiquing the rap industry, and his   journey to becoming an entrepreneur while remaining centered on his art. And even more recently, he’s posted about getting back to the studio.

Needless to say, fans of Cloudy Wingz are anxiously awaiting his lyrical material. Through life’s progression, there becomes an intersection between society and the self, and some of the most beautiful things are made in the act of infringement. 

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