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Cody French Giving Back To Kids In Need



Cody French is not only a professional skateboarder, he is humble and caring! He teamed  up with his sponsor West49 and picked out some wonderful products to give to kids that are as  fortunate to get gifts or even Christmas. He wanted to do something for the kids to make them  feel special. Cody also drove to a kid’s home and personally gave him a skateboard! Not only that  he taught the kid who he met at his home, a couple tricks on the skateboard. Clothes and  skateboards where donated to charities such as “House of Friendship” and Big Brothers Big  Sisters. Theses donations took place on December 23rd of 2021. 

May 21st Cody went to Niagara on the Lake, Grand opening of a skatepark to give out  more products from his sponsors and he also spent the day with the kids their and demonstrated some of his skills, as well as giving them lessons! July 1st Cody says “I will be attending the new  Arthur skatepark during its grand opening to give out even more donations to kids. Cody loves to donate to kids in need because every kid deserves to feel special even during  some of the hardest times of their life. 

You can find Cody on his social media below. Make Sure you connect with Cody and keep up with his journey.

Instagram : @codyfrench 

Website : 

Twitter : @RealCodyFrench 

Article Written by Donnie Lee Farrow 

Instagram :@donnieleefarrow

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