Get ready to expand your horizons with weekly investing advice served up by your favorite wingman, Cody Sperber! Welcome to the “Clever Investor” experience, where each episode delivers “AHA” moments that will have you walking away with the confidence to go out and pull the trigger to unlock your earning potential.

Cody Sperber, also known as “The Clever Investor,” is a real estate investing guru and entrepreneur who has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine. With his down-to-earth and entertaining style, Cody brings a unique twist to the world of investing podcasts. The podcast is known for its star-studded guest list, featuring successful entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders such as real estate mogul and best-selling author Grant Cardone, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki, and Pace Morby, who is a real estate expert and co-host of the reality house flipping show Triple Digit Flip on A&E

Listeners are raving about the podcast, with many praising Cody’s approach to investing. Quotes from satisfied listeners include Mike T.’s glowing review, “Cody’s podcast is a game changer! I’ve learned so much from him and his guests. Highly recommend for anyone looking to level up their investing game,” and Sarah J.’s testimonial, “The Clever Investor is like having your own personal investing mentor in your ear. I’ve gained so much confidence in my investing decisions since I started listening.”

Cody’s words of wisdom, which encapsulate the spirit of “The Clever Investor” podcast, include unforgettable quotes such as, “You don’t have to be a genius to make money in real estate, but you do have to be clever,” “Investing isn’t just about making money, it’s about creating a life you love,” and “The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

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