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Colin Yurcisin Founder of #MRM Takes Instagram By Storm



The #MRM movement has taken Instagram by storm Colin who 12 months ago started his journey online has been able to have massive success using his morning rituals.

Implementing yoga stretching hydration meditation and writing down love letters to money are just a few kick start to the day. #MRM also includes agreements and a power list of activities. He’s been able to have massive action in his life using these methods.

NOW he’s inviting everyone to join him.

I myself have seen the effects it does and for the last 72 hours have been implementing.

I was always one person to journal and write down my goals always have always will. But something about the MRM routine takes it to another level the power-list, the love to letter and the agreements all these things are such a good formula to motivate and get you to another level.

Will continue to watch out for Colin and his #MRM movement and report to you what we see we are enjoying every moment of it and are happy to be a part of it.
Tell me more about #MRM movement and Colin you can follow him here on Instagram.