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Combat Fitness Is Taking Things to the Next Level with Their SOFRUN Training



Running is an essential component of fitness. It’s also the perfect medicine for building cardiovascular endurance required for military and special forces selection. Running is an indispensable part of a healthy and active lifestyle and it’s equally crucial for reaching a higher level of fitness training. Combat Fitness, a renowned training company, knows this too well, and their carefully structured elite SOFRUN program aims to train their clients in running.

Running is an instinctive skill in humans but it can be honed and cultivated with specialized training techniques. Combat Fitness’ team of experienced coaches and trainers is polishing its clients’ athletic abilities and tactical fitness, helping them meet their most formidable fitness goals and milestones.  

The fitness company aids its clients in materializing their most sought-after goals and fulfilling their dreams by upgrading their fitness levels. Based on concrete evidence and experience, the team trains clients to unravel their untapped potential with strategically structured programs. The certified Combat Fitness team, composed of active military soldiers, fitness coaches and trainers, is dedicated to perfecting the science of fitness training and ensuring fruitful results. 

Owing to their holistic and all-encompassing approach, Combat Fitness’ training wide range of programs yield results that harmonize with the company’s mission and goal. Nutrition, strength, body weight, cardio, and specific performance maximization techniques are addressed, achieved, and attained in the programs. 

While their fitness programs epitomize meticulous detailing and performance excellence, SOFRUN is the most-sought training course. The company has taken unique and calculated measures to understand the science behind running, enabling clients to reach the very limits of perfection. It is a fully customized program where athletes undergo extreme running activities for a concise duration, increasing speed and fast twitch capacity.

Other features of the SOFURN program include:

– Increasing the athletes’ lactate threshold, enabling the trainee to work under high-pressure situations for a more extended time, aiming to increase endurance and intensity.

– Targeting the aerobic engine within the athlete through long and slow days with 1-2 days of recovery.

  • A calculated, customized mix of interval training to improve speed, endurance, and anaerobic threshold (AT) for maximum performance
  • Guaranteed notable results in just 4 weeks, or training will continue for free.

SOFRUN is matchless in terms of efficiency and performance results. The strategic organization of workout days and recovery periods leaves little room for failure. The program has yielded incredible results. Thousands of athletes’ military and special forces selection authenticates Combat Fitness’ training program. 

Fitness training is essential for athletes who need to improve their performance and upskill themselves. Combat Fitness helps athletes reach a higher fitness level in a short time span that certain situations demand. Their incredible programs and training techniques take things to the next level regarding tactical fitness training. 

Gather details of Combat Fitness’ top-of-the-class fitness training here


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