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Connor‌ ‌Miller‌ ‌Shares‌ ‌Insights‌ ‌On‌ ‌What‌ ‌It‌ ‌Takes‌ ‌To‌ ‌Be‌ ‌An‌ ‌Entrepreneur‌



Every day, new entrepreneurs are born, and most have no idea how to survive in this crazy high-paced, adrenaline-filled world. 

To make things a whole lot easier, I had a talk with entrepreneur Connor Miller, who shared a lot of insights on what it takes to become an entrepreneur. 

Common Mistakes entrepreneurs make:

A lot of entrepreneurs make quite a number of rookie mistakes because they haven’t fully realised what it means to be an entrepreneur. 

Here’s what Connor Miller has to say on some of the mistakes entrepreneurs make.

“So many young entrepreneurs lack patience, and the willingness to accept that building a business is an insane time commitment. Especially for first-time entrepreneurs. 

I remind people all the time that by starting a business, you have made a decision that does not allow you any time, in your first year, to do anything but build your business. 

This is a concept that many young people can’t seem to grasp. You have made a decision to be bold enough to try and build something from the ground up, and this requires tons of sacrifices. No more late-night parties with your friends, no more binge-watching Netflix, you are now in a tunnel vision zone where every minute of your waking hours needs to go towards building your business. This even includes time with your family. It’s a huge sacrifice and you have to be willing to accept that level of commitment.” 

Finding your passion:

Your passion can be anything that simultaneously challenges you, intrigues you and motivates you to give your all. But here’s the thing, it can be tough locating exactly what you love doing.

So, here’s what Connor has to say to you on that;

“Go try a bunch of different stuff. You’ll never find the thing you love without trying several different things.”

On handling failure as an entrepreneur:

Failure happens a lot more than we think. And for some, it becomes their breaking point. They can’t seem to get past that point of failure.

But this is what entrepreneur Connor Miller has to say about failure;

“Fail early, fail often, and fail forward. Failure is just the first attempt in learning. Nobody that ever became a huge success did it without failing hundreds of times.” 

On the difficult and rewarding parts of being an entrepreneur:

Like every other thing, being an entrepreneur has both its difficult and rewarding aspect. Here’s what Connor had to say on that:

“Accepting the fact that how you make your money is just as important as how much money you make. My example for this would be this: 

I have several brands that reach out to me on a weekly basis to work together. Most of these brands don’t line up with my morals or what I would like to be known for so I turn them down. Going to Bali and partying for a week looks cool on Instagram but I’m a big believer in sharing the message that I believe I am still alive to share, which is that sobriety is cool. So when bud light beach getaway reaches out to me I respectfully turn them down. It’s super rewarding though because I have made a decision on what I want my legacy to be and following through with that decision is always rewarding. 

Another difficult thing for me is time away from my family. When I decided to pursue this dream of being an entrepreneur I knew it would mean less time with my family for the first 3-5 years. This is how I view it though, I’m leading by example. When my son grows up I want him to look at my life and say “Wow, my dad followed his dreams I want to be like that.”

Connor on what keeps him going every morning:

“I love doing it. And gratitude to even have the opportunity to wake up. 

This is how I see it:

I should have been dead 10 times over, so how could I not make the most of my time here and follow my dreams.” 

On entrepreneurs getting fed up and turning to drugs

There’s been a trend lately in which entrepreneurs get fed up with not seeing results and then turn to drugs. 

Here’s what Connor has to say on that:

‘It is real. Entrepreneurialism and loneliness can sometimes go hand in hand. If you don’t have a friend or a life partner (or you’ve alienated everyone because you’ve been working too much), that can leave you without anyone to talk to when times are tough.

Without someone to confide in, people sometimes turn to alcohol and drugs to deal with the inevitable stress and hardship that comes with starting a company. You need people by your side to support you while you tackle this huge undertaking.

Also, I think a huge issue here is that people are so concerned with what others are going to think if they fail or other people’s opinions of them. And the pressure of succeeding ends up eating them up because they are so worried about what their peers are going to think if they don’t “make it”.

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Creations that will last for ages: Skii Mask Lux XO faces his challenges



Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, with Atlanta as his second home, Skii Mask Lux XO is no stranger to struggles. Life was never easy for this artist, he found music as a way to express his feelings and tell the story of his hardship in the streets. His musical journey started back when he was 14, where he fell in love with the art of rapping. He used to jam with his friends back in high school and then people would join in, Skii Mask Lux XO shares one of his most vivid memories: 

“It was so much fun because a lot of people started hearing it from my project  window, I was on the 5th floor so you can definitely hear it  and people started to come up and be like “yo I wanna do a track too”. Everybody used to come in there and spit a freestyle.”

He loved the people, he loved the feeling, and most importantly, he loved the art, which led him to pursue a serious career as a rapper

Creations for generations

Skii Mask Lux XO is an artist like no other, he makes music with incredible artistry, writing lyrics that will resonate with generations to come. His skillfulness in delivering bars that give the audience a sensory experience to remember forever.

His latest song talks about a natural high where there is no need for drugs or anything else, except for the music being served by none other than Skii Mask Lux XO. He proudly shares the story behind it:

“The story behind my latest song Wiz Khalifa High is basically a song where you don’t have to be high to feel this type of vibe. But don’t get me wrong it can help as well but. It’s a fun, melodic feeling. It can definitely put you in a zone.”

With works of art like his latest song, you just have to wonder how he does it. Skii Mask Lux XO lets us have a peek at his creative process as he reveals his personal principle when making new material:

“When I hear a beat and if I don’t feel like feeling it in my heart to rap to it, then I won’t rap to it. Now when I do get one of those beats that I can feel, then I can start writing whatever it needs to be . Whether it’s a club vibe, a serious vibe, or a drill vibe”

Whenever he feels burnt out, Skii Mask Lux XO`s solution is to just stop and take a break, even sneak in a couple of Zs, but when things get really bad, he goes to Atlanta and chills with his family for a while to refresh his mind.

Facing challenges

Skii Mask Lux XO considers toxic people as the greatest challenge in his career so far. It is a bummer when people you see as friends are actually not once you turn your back, it can affect you especially when feelings and emotions are an essential part of your craft. He shares his thoughts on this:

“Not everyone is genuine as you may think they are. I had gone through a trial of people that didn’t really have my best interest, or they didn’t believe in themselves and tried to bring me down with them. I made sure I disconnect from them. Because it hinders my creative process.”

He sees this challenge as a hurdle for his career so he solved it by just being himself and proving that he can carry his own weight as an artist, and showing that he does not need anyone else to succeed in making music that moves crowds. Skii Mask Lux XO faced his greatest challenge as a musician head-on, focusing on his passion with an immovable will and incredible skills.

Skii Mask Lux XO has faced a ton of struggle, no obstacle will be too hard for him as he pursues his passion for creating music that will continue to make waves for generations to come. He is a musician, a creator, a writer, a man who has seen the world`s harsh reality and is now living to speak about it one song at a time.

Music inspires both the creator and the audience, try giving it a shot. Know more about Skii Mask Lux XO through his instagram.

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Meet Upcoming Nashville, TN Artist “Trap Qweezy”




Trap Qweezy is a female upcoming artist based out of Nashville, TN. Her unique sound & will to put herself in front of a crowd will get her very far in the music game. We got to connect with Trap Qweezy & ask her a few questions.

What Caused You To Start Taking Music Serious?

 “I have always loved music since I was a child, but I decided to take music seriously in 2016 after having my first and only daughter.”

If you were to choose 3 major artists to collaborate with who would it be & why?

“It would have to be Chris Brown, Lil Durk and Kevin Gates only because they are 3 of my top 5 artists of all time”

Describe Your Sound

“I believe my sound is a mixture of Trap music and Soul , I make music that you can feel ..”

Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 5 Years

“In the next 5 years I should be collecting Grammys and BET Awards , I will be one of the greatest artists of all time.”

What Are Some Things You Have Coming Up In The Near Future?

 “I recently dropped my first mixtape “TRAP Baby ” on all platforms, I also have a lot of visuals , and performances on the way. Be on the lookout and stream my recent single “Trap Luv” , Also out on all platforms.

If you want to keep up with Trap Qweezy in the near future be sure to check out her music links & follow her Instagram all linked below.

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Upcoming Artist “Bran Dolla” Could be the next big thing out of Memphis, TN




22 year old East Memphis rap artist Brandon Young known as “Bran Dolla” has been making a lot of noise these past few months. His way of versatility & energetic performance style is something that makes him stand out from others. We got to connect with “Bran Dolla” & ask him a few questions.

What made you start doing music?

“Everything I’ve been through growing up , especially growing up in a city like memphis it’s a lot of hardship. I went through a lot growing up. Mother having me at 18 , father walking out my life. Having close friends losing their life before they got to see 20. Music always helped cope with all the pain. Real Red the producer , my cousin , influenced me , we always had long conversations about everything we both were going through growing up & the present. So once he first started making beats , he sent me a mp3 file. I made a lil verse in 3 minutes & started writing then. Once we both saw potential I started booking studio sessions back in 2017. I just now started releasing music a couple months ago.”

Describe your sound

“My sound is authentic , everything in my songs is everything i’ve been through & everything i’ve experienced in my life , whether it’s about struggle , relationships , it’s all authentic you’ll find a way to relate in all my songs I bet you that, I’m the most versatile.”

Who’s another Memphis Artist you look up to & why?

“Another artist from the city I look up to is Kevo Muney the baby goat. Dude’s music is heartfelt and his versatility is crazy. That’s one artist from memphis I believe if we work it’ll go stupid. Last but not least is Producer Real Red not because we related just because I then saw him come from nothing, the sky’s the limit with him, I love dude.”

In 5 years where do you see your brand?

“In 5 Years , I see Brandolla being one of the hardest Memphis artists with a different sound. Hard2Kill “ H2K” is my team brand. In 5 years everybody gone feel us & I say that in the most humblest way”

What can we expect for the future from you?

“In the future they can expect different Ep’s , Ep’s after Ep’s , some of the hardest Visuals. just stay tuned in with Dolla Music”

Be Sure to stay tuned in with Bran Dolla by checking out his music links & follow his instagram all linked below.

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