Social media has a growing influence on society as it provides people with a platform where they can express and entertain themselves. Plus, it has also become an avenue where businesses can market their services or products. 

Connor Francis, the owner of Optimised Agency, a marketing and branding company recognizes the power of social media and how it can transform the lives of individuals as well as businesses if they know how to play their cards right. 

Social Media Highway 

Using Instagram and LinkedIn, two online services that’s packed with various businesses looking to make a name for themselves, Connor has had the opportunity to assist hundreds of individuals and business by increasing their sales significantly through his own proven strategies that have worked in industries like online coaching, real estate, car dealerships, clothing brands, foreign exchange traders, fitness, beauty, and so many more.Connor’s began offering his services in October 2019 but it was in January 2020 when his expertise was properly recognized by his clients and countless others. 

For him, it’s more than just a business–it’s a lifestyle that he enjoys doing for 10 to 12 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Rewards of the Business 

“There is something so rewarding about helping others reach their dream which makes me hungry for success. And this hunger has helped me reach the achievements I have made in 2020,” Connor said. 

Some of his recent achievements include developing Optimised Agency from a start-up business into an established company, helping hundreds of businesses reach their goals in 2020, assisting both individuals and businesses build an elite brand on Instagram to give them an edge over the competition, and supporting various industries market their products or services by using his social media marketing strategies to secure the success of the advertisement. By 2021, he plans on broadening his team and business to empower more businesses and expand into more niches.

The Ladder To The Top 

Although Connor has been climbing the ladder of success, he still learns a thing or two from his transactions which make him better his skills and  be well equipped for the future. Some of these include fully committing to a decision or action increases the chances of success, securing a business’s credibility, and creating long-lasting relationships by being kind and understanding. 

So if you’re an individual or business that requires Connor’s expertise, don’t be shy to slide in his DMs and drop a message. 

For more information, contact Connor Francis via Instagram (@cf_capital) or LinkedIn (

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