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REDx Editorial Rules

REDx Editorial Rules/Code of Conduct (Failure to abide by these rules may result in the suspension of authorship)

  1. All REDx Staff Writers and Contributors shall do their due diligence by fact checking and publishing honest content
  2. No slanderous, defamatory, false, or unverified claims may be made
  3. If publishing anything for a client or affiliate you must label the post sponsored OR have it submitted as a brand partner content post (This is to abide by FCC guidelines)
  4. No promoting miracle cures, non-verified medical/health content, pornography related content, or online gambling related content
  5. Any story or submissions regarding Crypto/NFTs shall have a financial warning E.G: “This is not financial advice, conduce you own research”
  6. No publishing false information ever.
  7. Poorly written content or overly advertorial content labeled as editorial is prohibited
  8. Spam content is prohibited.
  9. Encouraging violence and hateful content is prohibited
  10. Plagiarism is prohibited