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Creating Your Own Reality: Why Every Thought, Emotion, Action, and Conversation Matters



Amy Bingham on reality

Your reality is a vessel, protect it.

Your reality is an integral part of your essence. It’s something that is unique to you and that you have total control of. No two people can experience the same reality or thought process. We create our own realities, and they are a result of the things we feed it, whether good or bad. 

A large aspect of your reality is determined by past experiences, biases, preferences, and your immediate environment. In the process of creating your reality, you empower yourself and detach from those who don’t align with your path, or those that want you to conform to their own ideals. 

A lot of factors come together in creating your reality. These factors are interwoven and work alongside the other, and here are some of them.

Thought Process

We magnetize into our lives whatever we hold in our thoughts.” – Richard Bach

According to the law of attraction, you create your reality every day by your thoughts and feelings. If you think positively, you’re bound to attract positive things into your life, and the same goes for negative thoughts as well.

A lot of people are oblivious to the power of thoughts and how it plays a huge influence on their reality. Your thoughts have a crucial part to play in your reality, and you’ve got to choose them carefully. 

Amy Bingham— the owner of Lean Into Your Glow LLC, affirms that positive thinking is of the essence. Lean Into Your Glow is a project that inspired Amy to be a motivational speaker, an energy healer, a spiritual transformational mentor, and an author. Amy spent years navigating life through being single, losing a child, and raising two kids.

Allow Your Emotions to Flow

Have you ever felt angry, sad, happy, or joyous? Well, these emotions are what make up our personalities. We all experience them from time to time and they play a key role in our lives. In fact, it is these emotions that allow us to create the reality we enjoy day after day. It is the reason we do the things we do.

Allowing your emotions to flow is crucial to creating your reality. You don’t have to bottle up your emotions. True energetic healing comes from allowing pent up emotions to flow.

For example, Amy found a way to surrender and honor the grief experience she was thrown into. The soul journey for her was to feel every authentic raw emotion of her grief. Amy recounts that her journey into the depths of self-discovery, self-love, and self-healing, has helped her to emotionally heal and let her emotions flow. “Quiet your mind, quiet your space, and then lean into your glow,” she advises. 

When you wield your emotions and allow them to flow, then you’re in a better position to create a new reality for yourself.

Take the Right Actions

The right actions get you the right results. However, results are not only caused by an action, but by the effects of purposeful thoughts, attention, intention, and desire. Thoughts and actions work hand-in-hand together. Thoughts can improve your actions, and actions can improve your thoughts as well. However, thoughts are merely just thoughts if there’s no proactive effort to take actions to actualize them. 

To create your own reality, you need to take action. Your thoughts and beliefs guide you towards the right actions and choices, and without a robust mindset and outlook, your efforts could be wasted. Action is necessary to turn thoughts into reality.

The Power of Conversations

Conversations are a form of telepathy. By having the right conversation with the right person at the right place and time, you can create a better reality for yourself. We all have one goal in mind while speaking or listening, which is often used as a guide to obtain what we want from a particular conversation. 

We never realize how much influence conversations can have on our reality and thoughts. A conversation can make or break a day, life, and even the future. The more interactions and conversations you have with people that share the same goals as you do, the better your chances of creating an enticing reality for yourself.

‘’Set energetic boundaries that don’t allow any person or conversation that doesn’t match the frequency of the dream you aim to achieve,” Amy advises.

Wielding it All

Our reality is like a mirror. What we see in our daily surroundings reflects back on us and what we feel moment by moment, whether it be negative or positive, also reflects back on us. 

We all have the power to create our own reality. Everything we think, feel, do, and say, has an impact on what happens in our lives. We can choose to keep thinking thoughts that make us feel bad or empower ourselves with positive ones.  Every thought is energy vibrating at different frequencies— it’s up to you to choose a positive or negative energy.

By nurturing our thought processes, allowing our emotions to flow, being in the right conversations, and taking the right actions, we can indeed create our own reality.