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Credit and Business Credit – Keys to Unlocking Financial Freedom



Aundre Kennedy‘s story is a testament to how access to information can change one’s situation. Growing up in Pittsburgh with a hard-working father and a mother who focused on homemaking and playing computer games, Aundre never learned how to leverage his credit to build wealth. However, he was determined to change his situation, so he studied successful people and invested in himself by taking a course on credit and business credit.

Today, Aundre is a successful entrepreneur who owns property as a real estate investor, drives a Tesla Model S P85, and owns three businesses. Over the past few years, he has helped hundreds of people change the course of their lives. Aundre believes that credit is crucial to building generational wealth and that financial literacy is not taught in schools. His team and he aim to break this generational cycle by providing this information to those who need it.

Aundre’s program teaches students what he has learned and how he has become successful. Aundre emphasizes that credit is more critical to financial freedom than generating income. His team helps repair credit for those in need by providing the right information, a bit of work ethic, and patience.

Once credit scores are up, Aundre and his team teach students how to obtain funding from lenders, banks, and financial institutions effectively. Aundre’s blueprint is simple but effective as it allows individuals to obtain the funding needed to build up their asset portfolios. An asset is something that puts money into one’s pocket, not something that collects dust on a shelf. Therefore, Aundre encourages individuals to identify assets and focus on obtaining more assets than liabilities.

Aundre’s program not only provides individuals with financial information but also provides a supportive community of entrepreneurs. The program offers one-on-one mentorship coaching, weekly Zoom meetings with the team, access to networking events, and much more.

For a limited time, individuals can join the program for just $49.99. Moreover, individuals have the option to make an additional income stream by using Aundre’s platform. The program’s compensation plan offers a 40% commission for any new members referred using the personal affiliate link. By referring just three new members, one can not only join the program for free but also make a profit.

In conclusion, Aundre Kennedy’s program is an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to change their financial situations. The program provides the necessary financial information, a supportive community, and an opportunity to make an additional income stream. Aundre’s story is proof that with access to the right information and hard work, one can change their financial situation and achieve financial freedom.

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