Let’s get a glimpse into Cyffa Leyenda Ideologies on how he believes he can bring artists closer together.

For all who do not know much about the music industry, It is a tough career path to choose. Money is not the only issue when pursuing this passion. Many artists have started noticing the lack of support from other artists or even family. The hate can be unbearable. Cyffa Leyenda is an on the rise artist himself from Virginia and his main focus and goal is to be the first with succeeding in building musical bonds between other serious artists.

 That’s as real as it gets. He understands that artists can benefit more from connecting with one another instead of trying to drag the competition down. His goal in the very near future is to bring Quan Dot and others to Virginia to perform at an event at the OceanFront. This venue alone is pretty popular thanks to Pharrell who was a successful entrepreneur/artist from Virginia. At this event will be other individuals and key collaborators such as DELA WESST who Cyffa Leyenda just recently released a track called “FUU FUU”. This track is now available on all musical platforms.

E Note will also be present at this event. You can check out E Note’s credentials as well. He has worked with artists such as Rick Ross and many others. This team of creators is immaculate.
Les Studios will be the key location this week as these artists will be going live and talking about their next moves and goals to their viewers. Cyffa Leyenda has an amazing idea and will be meshing a lot of brands together for the better. This could definitely be big for the music industry. This Instagram live event will be sponsored by Maxx Paradox. Make sure you tune in to all 3 artists pages and check out each artists versatility and hustle. They all tell a passionate story about music. Make sure you connect with them and keep up with new releases, events, lives etc. You do not wanna miss out.