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Cyssycola: Turning Her Street Smarts Into Business Moves



Crystal, Better known as Cyssycola is an on the rise recording artist from San Francisco, California. Growing up was not a walk in the park for young Crystal. Although an honor roll student, her environment caused a shift within herself. She emerged herself into the street life completely and was somewhat consumed with the lifestyle which eventually landed her in prison, but here she is.

After getting off of parole Cryssycola formulated a real spiritual connection with God. She is happy to have another chance. Being grateful has helped to change her outlook on life and continues to be her reason for motivation and determination. She is currently working on a T.V series based on her life and breaking into the music industry. Her motivation and drive will take her far within the entertainment business.

Her music speaks volumes and allows her to tell stories of real life events that have occurred in her life. One of her recent releases just dropped titled “ What Come Wit It”. This song is gritty, raw and hype. You can’t help, but to get up and dance when you hear her come on the track. This song also features an artist named Daboii. He completes the song and their chemistry overall is amazing. You want this song in your playlist ! The single also has a visual out. The video quality is immaculate. Her and Daboii made a hit with this project. You can expect to see big things from on the rise superstar Cyssycola. She is a force to be reckoned with within the music industry.

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